Forgetting Things / Eubulon on Dancing With The Stars!

Ay,I totally forgot that tonight's the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars!

I never bothered watching the show...until now.

Wow,did I say Eubulon?!?I meant Mark Dacascos!Haha,oh how I would love to see a Kamen Rider dancing!LOL!

Only a few more weeks until he appears on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight!Until then,we watch him dance!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka



So the last 3 days were my 1st days back in school...Yuck.

So far it stinks.Waking up so early and hallway jams...not to mention I already have my 1st homework assignment from Global History...and I nearly fell asleep in English yesterday...and I have to start off my morning with gym class every other day!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000000!!!!!!!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Exclusive Live Interview Chat : SUCCESS!!! :)

Well,last night,we Riders got a chance to talk to Carrie Reichenbach who plays Kase/Kamen Rider Siren on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.Everything went pretty smoothly.So this was a successful interview chat and I hope we can do it again with Matt Mullins or maybe Stephen Lunsford.Guess we'll have to wait and see then.Heh.

Here is some of our chat from last night.
[decade187] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtVclM3ZlAo this is my favortie scene with u
[KRDKCarrie] Stephen is fantastic, that's a good guess! :) He makes me laugh and laugh. We got along really well on set. I worked mostly with him and Matt. They are both fantastic guys and I can not say enough about how much respect I have for them and how much fun we had on set!!
[DK410] nice
[DK09] Did you ever ride the motorcycle in KRDK or was that stunt double?
[KRDKCarrie] I just checked the link, decade, that's the entrance scene, right? I was totally pleased with how that turned out! So was my grandmother - she loves the boots!! I'm pretty excited about a scene with Kit and Kase in next week's ep - it was probably my fave one to film. I hope it turns out well!
[Ride] what was the last day of filming like for you?
[decade187] in your fight scene with the monsters you fought them like it was nothing
[thrust94] you told him he didnt deserve to be a rider...that makes me laugh :D
[KRDKCarrie] That's how Kase rolls, decade. ;)
[kc1000] lol
[DK410] ahhh i havent seen that episode!!! :(
[DK09] LOL, @KRDKCarrie, Ep23 was leaked online, and trust me, it turned out really good!
[CHiCA] Have you ever tried on the Siren costume?
[KRDKCarrie] I didn't really ever ride the bike, I sat on it a lot, but never when it was in motion. I think that would have led to disaster!
[KRDKCarrie] Good to hear, DK09!! It was a lot of fun to talk so much trash in an ep. ;)
[thrust94] i like the way you pose when youre about to transform
[DK410] haha lol wow
[DK09] lol, that's what makes Kase awesome! her tough as nails personality
[decade187] i agree with thrust
[thrust94] and shes got beauty :)
[DK09] http://downloads.kamenconnection.com/kamen-rider-dragon-knight/animations/krdk-animation-192.gif
[AllieRX87] She sure does. I like women with blue/green/grey eyes.
[KRDKCarrie] The last day was kind of surreal...I was so happy to get to work with such fantastic people for like 4 months, I was very sad for it to be over. The entertainment industry is kind of hard like that, you bond with people so quickly and then the project's over and you don't get to see them often.
[AllieRX87] :D
[KRDKCarrie] But we get together occasionally and it's always fun!
[CHiCA] :)
[DK410] On that note, who do you still talk to after the production of KRDK?
[KRDKCarrie] Kase is tough, and thank you for the compliment.
[kc1000] cool
[DK09] :)
[Ride] :D
[DK09] I don't know if you're allowed to tell us this, but how many episodes were you in?
[KRDKCarrie] I haven't ever tried on the Siren costume. The action unit was always shooting simultaneosly with us, but usually in different locations so we were all busy and didn't get to cross paths that often.
[KRDKCarrie] Hmmm, I'm not sure if I can say exactly how many eps I'm in...but I will say that you'll see a lot of me for a while. Is that vague/confusing? :O
[thrust94] the question everyone is dying to know is...is kase a love intrest? possbily lens old girlfriend?
[DK09] lol, no not at all :)
[decade187] yeah
[CHiCA] LOL I'm wondering that too :D
[Ride] Was there anyone you did not get along with while you were filming KRDK?
[thrust94] the guy that plays incisor..
[DK410] lol
[thrust94] :P lol
[KRDKCarrie] A love interest...hmmm...what can I say about that? I'll say this: Whatever emotion Kase is feeling - she's 100% about it. That goes for love, too. More vague/confusing-ness???
[thrust94] no....not at all..but..shed wear the pants in the realationship.....right?
[KRDKCarrie] I didn't get along with Xaviax. Totally Kidding! William O'Leary is actually one of my acting coaches and I adore him. I was so thrilled to get to work on the same show as him. He's brilliant.
[AllieRX87] I'm sure those who saw the episodes in Brazil already know whether Kase has any love interest with someone or not.
[decade187] hey carrie whats your favorite advent card in your deck
[DK09] I think that it's great that they have Kamen Rider Siren in KRDK, it shows female empowerment, and I think that you are the perfect person to play such a character
[KRDKCarrie] And thrust94, you know the answer to that quesiton. ;)
By the way,I think DK09 is still mad that "she ditched us for food!" LOL

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Exclusive Live Interview Chat Crazy-ness! :D

Everybody in Ventara is so excited because in about half an hour,we will be talking to...

w00t!ness!Can't wait.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Episode 21 Excitement-ness!

w00t!Only a few more hours until Episode 21 of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight airs!YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYz!

Me wanna see some Venting action!This episode is gonna be so awesome!
I know my fellow Riders wanna see the newest Rider debut already...

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka