Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Is "Over" / Kit & Maya XD

Why "over"? Blame CW4Kids for treating the show like crap.
Well,I had to wait an extra day to see episodes 39-40 because my computer went down.

Episode 39 was great,my favorite part had to be Link Vent.It was so amazing!It was funny when Axe asks Torque why does he get all the best toys.That was so funny!

Episode 40,despite being a clip show,was pretty great too.Loved the transformation at the end and the instrumental version of the KRDK theme song!It was funny when Trent spills coffee on Michelle's shoes and Chance's face!Hahahaha!Although I hated the fact that Price and Maya ended up being a couple :(
Come on,Kit and Maya made the better couple!Anybody notice there was indications throughout the whole series that Kit and Maya were going to be a couple?

Episode 1:
Kit attempting to save Maya from Xaviax's minions
Episode 3:
Maya sharing info with Kit about the minions,in private;their handshake because Aunt Grace was in the room and Kit making a weird face when Lacey flirts with him XD
Episode 5:
Kit goes to Maya to talk about what happened to Incisor,in private.(Lacey was listening on the other side of the door XD)
Episode 7:
Kit telling Maya he would meet her at the bookstore after his battle,their conversation overheard near the end of the episode.
Episode 9:
Maya's phone call convinced Kit that Drew was REALLY the one working for Xaviax.
Episode 11:
Maya says 2x "I've got to tell Kit about this!" when trying to lure out Kamen Rider Sting.
Episode 12:
Maya goes to Kit's house saying she was worried about him. (In the widescreen version,they were holding hands right before Kit and Len go to find the escaped Chris,awww...)
Episode 13:
The little gestures they give each other back at Kit's place before they hear the battle call,Maya following Dragon Knight during his battles,Kit defending Maya when he sees Chris talking to her,Kit's eyebrow raise at her when he and Chris go off to fight another minion
Episode 14:
When Kit invites Maya over to help catch Chris up on everything that's happened and Maya immediately running out of the bookstore
Episode 15:
Kit talking about when he met Maya and Maya calling him crazy and sharing laughs.
Episode 19:
When Albert pushes Maya and Kit gets mad but Len pulls him away
Episode 20:
Maya getting involved with rescuing Kit's dad (in a way,she had a car LOL)
Episode 21:
Maya's hand on Kit's shoulder at the hospital
Episode 26:
Wanting to warn Kit about the government watching him but couldn't without government catching her.
Episode 27:
Maya,after getting confronted by Michelle,saying she didn't say anything about not rescuing Kit,Maya begging Trent to hack into the database to find out where Kit was being held
Episode 29:
Maya comforting Kit when he talks about Xaviax talking to him through his father,Kit looking at Maya when they were vowing to protect Ventara and Earth
Episode 31:
Maya's crying when she finds out Kit had gotten Vented
Episode 32(THE BIG HINT!):
When Xaviax tells Adam to go after Len and Maya and says Maya has "a soft spot in her heart for Kit Taylor..."
Episode 34:
When Kit asks why Maya was fighting Xaviax's minions,when he learns she became Kamen Rider Siren,he was shocked for a second and immediately goes to help her,telling Adam if he hurt Maya,he would take him down,Maya looking at Kit every few seconds when he was confronting Adam.
Episode 36:
Obviously,they would be together when asking Eubulon about Ventara,the Kamen Riders,etc.
Episode 38:
Being on the same team as Kit,Kit telling Maya good luck when sneaking into Xaviax's base.
Episode 40:
Maya hugging Kit when he's recruited as the new Dragon Knight,another hug at Maya's book signing,Maya's smile at Kit as she's signing his book,Kit winking at Maya as he's leaving.
Yeah,out of a scale of 1 to 10,my rating is 9.5/10

9.5-For awesome fight scenes,great storyline and them badass Rider jackets!Also loved those occasional cheesy moments! XD And Xaviax's "STOP WHINING!!!" LOL That's so gping to become an internet meme.

.5-Maya and Price becoming a couple...BOO!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Thanks A Lot CW4Kids! T_T / KRDK Bad News!!!! :(


Thanks a lot CW4Kids!And this is why nobody fucking likes you!You assholes!
So unfortunately today I've found out the schedule airings of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight episodes 36-38.Now you're wondering "What about 39 and 40?".Well CW4Kids are total assholes and they are pulling the show right after episode 38 "For Ventara and Earth Part 1". AND no re-runs are happening. What the fuck?!?Pulling the show on a two-parter?!?!? Fucking retards.

*Click photos for full view!*

Unfortunately if you don't believe me...


I bet CW4Kids are lying about the "low ratings"...The show was doing just fine!

I wish the rumors weren't true...Dumbass CW4Kids ruined everything for us KRDK fans and we gotta put a fucking stop to this!

*4Kids has a YouTube and we should leave a comment asking them- No, BEGGING THEM to please air the final 2 episodes FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING PETE!!!!!!!
*Let's write angry letters!
4Kids Entertainment Legal Department
53 West 23rd Street, 11th Floor
New York, New York 10010
*Let's hope that they have special airings of the final 2 episodes like they did with episode 21.
*Hope that Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon will pick up the show.
*Give up?Let us jump off a cliff!And blame CW4Kids!

I am so severely fucking pissed,CW4Kids killed our hopes and dreams for another Kamen Rider adaptation and/or a Kamen Rider Dragon Knight movie.They don't even deserve to have their fucking ugly logo on the KRDK toys!

I could go on forever...and ever...and ever...

~Love&kisses,an angry CHiCA Kosaka