Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time Mania!

This weekend showed the first 2 screenings of the new Yu-Gi-Oh movie.This movie was released in Japan last year and made its debut in the US this weekend and March 5-6 will be the final screening weekend.

I had vacation last week so my local theater screened it early and so I thought "What the hey?" And so I went...The movie was great in my opinion.

I was having 2nd opinions about seeing this movie.However,in a way,4Kids's idea of putting the 10 minute prologue of the characters in the beginning was a good thing because I never really watched GX or 5Ds and it was able to clear up some things for me so that was a plus in my case.

This was my favorite part(Fast forward to 20 secs):

There weren't many people at the theater I went to.Only about 1/4 of the theater was occupied and believe me it was a big theater.

I guess peoples who had vacation weren't aware of the early screenings because I heard tickets were being sold out all weekend.The fans who attended the weekend screenings were greatly satisfied with the hour long movie,some even went to see it a 2nd time.

Also,you get a free Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds manga and a free card...I got Malefic Red Eyes Black Dragon!! :)

There was a premiere in NYC on 2/23/11,I should've went because I mean...LOOK AT THIS!:

Tell me,isn't Paradox A BADASS?!?

So,if you weren't lucky enough to catch a screening this weekend or weren't even aware of this movie coming out,GO SEE IT.

Use this website to find a theater screening this movie:

Enjoy the movie!...Hey,maybe I'll catch a 2nd screening this weekend!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka