Work & Homework / Plans?

Ugh...I hated work today!It was soooooooo boring!But on the bright side,I managed to finish most of my homework there so all I have to do is finish the rest tonight and I'll be free this weekend.
I think I'll go to TAP tomorrow...Of course,I do that almost every weekend since that's the closest place I can go to play DDR!I heard it's gonna be nice this weekend.It better be or I will cry :-P I hope I can see Daddy this weekend.I'm gonna ask him if he'll take me to Toys R Us so I can buy more Kamen Rider Dragon Knight toys!w00t!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


(Finally!)Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Video Game!/ViewtifulRiders Found/KRDK Time Change

w00t!It's finally happened!

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight video game!


Oh my god!I'm going insane again!


I have found ViewtifulRiders.He's okay but I accidentally hit myself with the sword that I got from Ventara...Ouch,I do not wanna see the scar...
Today,I've learned that Kamen Rider Dragon Knight will be changing their air time to 10:30am.Only one hour away from the original air time but now I have to wake up earlier next week!Bwah!

Have a lovely day!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


CHiCA & DragonFist Saved/Another Hunt

28+ Riders have found us.

Well,me and DragonFist have been rescued!!!I was scared while in Ventara but I was more concerned about the Riders but they did manage to defeat Xaviax's monsters and rescue us and we couldn't be happier!!!

We all got out of Ventara and back to Earth...Wait a minute...


~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Last Day of Vacation/Night At The Museum:Battle Of The Smithsonian

Well,it's the last day of Memorial Day vacation.For me,anyways.Lots of schools here are back in session today.I don't wanna go back tomorrow!My homework is gonna come back and attack me!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Last night,me and Nere went to the movies to see Night At The Museum:Battle Of The Smithsonian.It was a pretty good movie although I prefer the 1st movie.I give it a 4/5.I loved the triple slapping scene with Larry,Dexter and Able.Oops...I spoiled a movie scene!

I overloaded on popcorn,candy and soda during the movie and I had to go really bad.By the time I saw the credits rolling,I jumped over my seat and immediately ran to the bathroom!Nere was waiting for me outside the theater.She told me a small clip was playing during the credits.Crap,would it have been better to stay in the theater for another minute?Haha!

Watching this movie brought back memories from my DC trip last year like the Air and Space Museum and the Lincoln Memorial!

Ahh!Good times,good times...

Well,it's time to prepare for my battle...to ace the regents!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Happy Memorial Day!/DBQ Essay Update/MOVIE MONDAY!


Just wanna wish you a Happy Memorial Day!I went to a parade today and it was good.
I'm 3/4 done with my DBQ Essay.

Just have to finish up my conclusion because me and Nere are going to see Night At The Museum:Battle Of The Smithsonian and she already bought the tickets online...Crazy person!Wow,I just realized that today is Monday and we are going to see a movie tonight...IT'S MOVIE MONDAY!Haha!

Have a lovely day!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka





~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


More Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Toys!!

Oh my god!These are amazing pictures!

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Toys!

Wing Knight,Dragon Knight & Torque

I really wanna buy these but I spent all my money playing DDR last night...

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Vacation/CHiCA Kosaka & Kamen Rider DragonFist CAPTURED!!!!/A Night of DDR and Diesel's Loconess!!

Well,Memorial Day vacation is here.Unfortunately I have to do a DBQ essay.I really hate this!
Other than that,wait...What?!...AHHHHHHHH!

Breaking News:

I went to TAP last night to start off my vacation.Played a bit of DDR and so many peoples came that night,including my buddie,Diesel who was dying to AA Max 300 on Heavy...He did and went completely loco!Haha!What a fun night but meh,I had to leave because it was almost 10pm!Who cares about the time?!?!?

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Toys!


~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

--Photos Provided By DragonKnight09 of KamenConnection


CHiCA Has Died And Went To Heaven! :-P

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Note to readers:CHiCA Kosaka has died due to happiness and went to heaven!*

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

--Photo Provided By DragonKnight09 from KamenConnection
Larger Version


The Weekend/Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Toys Early Release?!?!

It's Sunday...

I managed to finish all my homework yesterday so now I'm free today!w00t!I didn't finish until 2:30am so I didn't get dragged to church!Yay!Friday took me like the entire night to finish most of my English paper so yah,it was boring.I managed to finish it on Saturday morning.I was going to do the rest that morning but Kamen Rider Dragon Knight came on and I didn't want to miss it!(Even if it was a re-run!LOL!)After that,I went on the computer and went to kamenconnection.com . I checked the guestbook for any new news because the Kamen Rider Productions forum is currently unavailable.There,I read some comment about the KRDK toys already being seen in stores.I was freaking out because I read online that the toys weren't coming out until next month!After reading the comments,I informed the Riders (that's what we like to call each other!LOL!) that I would be checking out some stores to see if they had the KRDK toys in stock.So,after getting ready,I walked to my local Wal-Mart but they didn't have any in stock!I took the bus to check out another Wal-Mart but they didn't have them either.That made me very sad!So I went to TAP to play some DDR and Ultracade where I was reunited with my buddie Diesel♥ whom I haven't seen in a long time.Unfortunately,we didn't have any time to catch up because my aunt had invited me,ma,and Nere to go to Mamma Lombardi's.So I had to take my leave...Mamma Lombardi's was...fancy!We were seated next to a group of peoples celebrating someone's birthday.Birthday lady saw baby Eric and she was like "You're so adorable!I just wanna kiss you!" and that's what she did.It was kinda funny!The food there was actually pretty good.I had baked ziti,ma had baked lasagna,Nere had some kind of linguini and my aunt had spaghetti.Ma and Nere didn't finish their meal so they had to take it out.My baked ziti was delicious other than the fact that half the plate was cheese and tomato chunks!So yeah,we got home by 10pm and I stayed up doing my homework.

I can't believe Hiromi Nishiuchi modeled that!It looks more like a suicide bomb than a marriage hunting bra!LOL!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!THIS IS THE MOST RICICULOUS IDEA EVER!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


CHiCA's Weekend Is Ruined!!! :-(

My weekend is ruined!!!

I have so much homework to do!I have to finish an assignment for English,which is going to take a REALLY long time to do since I have to do 6 parts of this assignment,do Global History homework,and questions from my Algebra regents review book!I HATE THIS!

I'm mad!Have a lovely day!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Today,The Weekend,Happy Birthday,Nere!

Today,I went to school.Then I went home.Twas a boring day.Only a few more weeks until summer vacation.
The weekend was quite nice.Had to do Mother's Day shopping on Saturday so I had to be an early bird.The worst part?I MISSED KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT EPISODE 4!!!(Did I mention it was a re-run?Haha!)I went to the South Shore Mall and bought my ma and grandma Elizabeth Arden perfumes.When I got home,I took the bus to TAP and played a little bit of DDR with Nick.Very few AAs that night...I also play Metal Slug X on the Ultracade machine.There was over 200 credits in the machine!!!So I beat the game of course.First place,baby!Sunday,me and ma went to a different church for a special Mother's Day service.Met Grandma and some relatives there,too.After that,the church had steak and rice for us.I liked the rice but I didn't eat the steak.I rarely eat meat but that does not mean I'm a vegatarian.So we left,I was dropped off at TAP,and ma went home.I only stayed 3 hours because the place was completely dead.Only 3 games of DDR and a bit of Street Fighter II.Ma picked me up and we went home.Didn't sleep till 11 last night...I don't know why...Haha!
Today was my sister Nereida's birthday!Happy 28th Birthday,Nere!We had an apple pie...and it was delicious!
One more thing,sometimes I forget that I have a blog.This will take some time to get use to.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Today,The Weekend,INTERNET!w00t!


Today was okay.No homework and I played my DSi during Algebra class!w00t!Plus my friend got a haircut and it looked so weird!!!(Sorry!)
The weekend was okay.Saturday was nice and it rained yesterday.I took the bus to TAP.Some kid's birthday party was going on over there.I went to the bathroom and I could hear them screaming their lungs out singing "Happy Birthday" What the hell,you're gonna lose your voices,kids!Heh!Place was kinda boring the first few hours but after that,me and my friend Nick started playing some DDR.Some peoples came by for DDR around night time.What's kinda weird is that I'm actually starting to get better.I've gotten a lot of AAs that night.Think about it...My leg gets injured in a car accident,I spend about a month recovering and going to physical therapy and I stopped playing for approximately 4 months.The result?

Check them out!

w00t!I finally have internet access on MY computer!Mwah-ha-ha! :-)

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Today was...boring.

Happy May!

Yawn,this day was so boring!School was boring.Work was boring.Even the weather was making me bored!Haha!I wish something so...not so boring would happen around school.I'm stuck there for another few weeks getting attacked by regents review work and all that crap!Yeah,so I'm just sitting on this computer typing this while baby Eric is staring at me and babbling.He's getting another tooth so that adds a lot of adorableness to him.I...really don't have anything else to say right now so I'm gonna go and do homework.Have a lovely day!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka