WTF I Disappeared LOL? XD

Yeah yeah,long time no update.

Been busy with school and my computer was recently fixed so...actually it still may be another 3 months until the next update so what's the point?

I've been lacking in sleep lately,so uncool :( I'd pass out the second I get home.

Also,I've been in physical therapy for a back injury but I am getting better,possibly getting discharged by the end of the year :D It's about time because Ma makes my injury sound like such a bad thing.

School's BLAH as always.My real English teacher came back last week and he's awesome.I hated the sub,loved how everyone purposely mispronounced her last name.Ah,if only you were there the first day...Couldn't stop giggling.

I'm watching a new J-drama called 14 Sai No Haha (14 year old mother) and it's getting really good,I'm halfway done with the series.Maybe I'll write a review afterwards?...Dunno.

My life as of the last update is blah...

Today...was boring.

P.S.:Do watch Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,IT IS ONE KICK-ASS MOVIE.

I shall disappear again now,bye byes.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


My Awesome 17th Birthday Present.

I am so happy! :D

Here's a high quality picture of the card:

Please don't hate me.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Turning 17 :) --- Dramatic Twist :(

So I turned 17 on Monday.

I was a bit bummed over the weekend about not being able to go to Power Morphicon on Satuday because Kamen Rider Dragon Knight had a panel there,showed episode 39-40 and autographs.

However on Sunday evening,Steve Wang himself sent me this.
(Click for a larger version!)

I cried for about 3 hours XD He sent me the birthday card and I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival ^_^

Here's a picture of the card itself!

However,day 2 of being 17 was terrible...My grandma died.

My sister told me my brother in law was talking to my uncle on the phone and he broke the news to her.Shortly after,my daddy called me and told me too.She was supposedly having surgery this week and then...boom.

My last day of 16...I got an awesome early B-Day present...Day 1 of 17 I go to Friendly's and a thrift store...Day 2 my Abuelita dies.

Ouch,this is going to be rough.I'm more worried about my daddy because now both his parents have passed away.
I start school next week.And I have the next 2 days off plus the weekend...Somewhat kinda dumb but I didn't create the schedule.


~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Upset / 17

As Im writing this,I am crying.

This just wasn't my summer vacation at all.I had to study to retake 2 exams which I failed again so I gotta retake them AGAIN in January.The only good thing that happened was going to Florida.

After that,Ive just been really upset.I have a lot on my mind that makes me so upset that I stay in my room pretty much the entire day.

Also I turn 17 on Monday...I get it,I'm old.I'm just probably gonna stay in my room all day with a bottle of water and a bag of chips.

I'm going to sleep now,let the tears out and hopefully having a better tomorrow.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Another Kamen Rider "In The Making"

Confirmed via Twitter and Facebook...

Mike Moh aka Kamen Rider Axe from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is going to be a father!!

Congrats Papa Moh!!!

UPDATE 8/28:
Its a boy!!Maybe a Mike Moh Jr.? XD


Koizora / 恋空

I swear this is the saddest movie ever!The love story is so sad!!

Found this movie on Youtube.I heard it was pretty sad so I went for it and oh my god...It was so good.
During her freshman year in high school, Mika Tahara loses her cellular phone, but later finds it in the school library with the help of an unknown caller. Throughout the summer, Mika and the mysterious caller continue to communicate, and agree to meet each other once school starts again. The caller turns out to be Hiro a delinquent-like boy Mika is initially afraid of, who shows proof of his identity as the caller with a photo of the sky on his cellular phone.

From her friends and through her first sexual encounter with Hiro, Mika learns that he had a girlfriend named Saki. Although Hiro reassures her that he broke up with her, Saki, who still is in love with Hiro, holds a vendetta against Mika and hires a group of men to rape her. The horrific encounter ends with Hiro and his older sister Minako punishing both the men and Saki, but not long after, someone writes a provocative message on all of the school chalkboards with Mika's name and phone number. Hiro continues to protect Mika from all of the bullying advances, but she assures him that she's not frightened anymore from being with him.

Mika later becomes pregnant after she and Hiro consummate in the school library. Hiro is thrilled by the news and both of them gain Hiro's parents' permission to raise the child together, although Mika's parents disapprove of the action. Despite this, Mika is determined to have the baby until the birth becomes a miscarriage due to the physical trauma received when Saki pushed her down a flight of stairs. Despaired, Mika and Hiro build a grave for their baby and promise each other to come visit the memorial on the day of the baby's death yearly.

Shortly after their second year in high school begins, Hiro begins to distance himself from Mika and breaks up with her. Although hurt, Mika meets a college student named Yu who becomes sympathetic to her situation. The two date, but on the day of the baby's death, Mika notices Hiro had visited the grave as per their promise. The next year, she continues to move on from Hiro; however, on the day of the baby's death, Mika finds Nozomu at the grave. Nozomu reveals the truth about Hiro's sickly situation, and that he was asked by Hiro himself to watch over Mika.

Mika breaks up with Yū and finds Hiro, diagnosed with cancer, awaiting death at the hospital. Upset that he pretended he didn't love her only to ensure she would have a happy future, she insists that only he can make her happy. Hiro eventually gives into his feelings and gets back together with her. Mika begins to visit the hospital daily, even taking an academic leave, to take care of Hiro, who slowly begins to show signs of recovery. Hiro's resolve to live becomes stronger until he dies during a check-up. Mika is saddened by Hiro's death and tries to commit suicide, but is stopped by a flock of birds flying towards her. She takes this as a sign of Hiro, in the sky, discouraging her from killing herself, and realizes through this and Hiro's journal that he would have wanted her to continue to live. Seven years later, she reflects on how her life had changed upon meeting Hiro, and that she is living happily with him and their baby in mind.
This movie made me cry.Hiro was amazing as a boyfriend...well,until he started keeping himself away from Mika.

Oh boy,I just wanted to kill Saki when she pushed Mika down the stairs while Mika was pregnant.It was already bad enough she hired men to rape her and that she was the cause of Mika's miscarriage.

OMG Hiro and Mika did it in the LIBRARY?!Yep,everybody's fantasies :-P

I liked the scene when Mika tells Hiro that she was pregnant.It's so funny how Hiro runs away and then comes back screaming "HAVE THE BABY!" XD But when Hiro suggested naming the baby "Book" I was like LOL Imagine having to tell your kid you named them "Book" because you got pregnant in the library.

One of the scenes that really broke me down was when Mika finds out she'd lost the baby. I cried a lot when she tells Hiro though.It was really sad when Mika goes to Hiro in the hospital after she found out he was ill.

Believe me,the scene when Hiro is about to die is a real tear making moment.

If you're into sad love story movies then give Koizora a shot...but I suggest having a box of tissue by your side just in case :-P


~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Nominated For An Emmy!!

Congrats to the KRDK cast and crew for the nomination in Outstanding Stunt Coordination and I hope you guys win because that fight scene totally rocked!!Guess we'll have to wait until next month to find out!!

KRDK totally deserves to win,hands down!!

If you have a Twitter account,show your support by constantly tweeting #KRDKEmmyWin until June 27th @ 8:00pm EST!!!Thanks guys!!
UPDATE 6/26/10:
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight won!!!!


~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Brazil is STiLL Coo-Coo For Kamen Rider Dragon Knight!!!

I guess party favors,bubble gum and DVDs wasn't enough for the KRDK fans in Brazil!!

Well,I know where I'll be going when I go shopping for school supplies next year.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Kamen Rider Dragon Knight on Cartoon Network? o.O

Well,according to these articles,Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is currently "on hiatus" for the Cartoon Network block...I,unfortunately,cannot really believe this rumor because there was never any REAL confirmation that KRDK would be airing on Cartoon Network.

Although,I've read a few articles that CN actually picked up the show but I never found out if they were going to air the show.Later,I found out it was currently CW4Kids the only network with the airing rights.And a few months ago, I saw a interview with Stephen Lunsford at the College Road Trip premiere and he even said that Kamen Rider Dragon Knight would be airing on Cartoon Network.

I may have missed something since I found out about KRDK 1 HOUR before it premiered and believe me,I spent HOURS on the internet doing my research and trying to remember every fact about it.

Now,if this rumor is true,this could definitely save the show in the US.I think Cartoon Network is the perfect network to air Kamen Rider Dragon Knight becuase CN has like a million more viewers than CW4Kids.

And the fact that many fans doubt another network like Nickelodeon will pick it up.Some peoples even suggested ABCKids but hell no,they only air Disney content!

I really hope this rumor is true,Cartoon Network is like us fans' last hope of saving the show and to keep the name Kamen Rider here.They could really help the show and help the toys sell better and maybe,just maybe,we could even get our KRDK movie and maybe even more.Let's just continue hoping for the best.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Alteration ~Twas A Dream~

So a week ago I had a dream about Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.It was an alteration of episodes 22 and 23.
So here's how it went:

It's a recap of episode 22.Pretty much the same happens EXCEPT when Siren attacks Dragon Knight,he's down on the ground injured.Wing Knight arrives and sees Siren escaping through a window then it's Kit holding onto his shoulder and switch back to Wing Knight saying "It can't be..." *fade out*

Begin episode 23(Gonna write in film script-like format):

Len and Kit are walking together.Kit is still holding onto his injured shoulder.

Len:"I saw you with that new Rider...it might be her."

Kit turns his head.


Len smiles and looks up.


Kit makes a confused face but understands what he meant then smiles and chuckles.

Kit:"But how do you know it's...her?"

Len:"Original Ventaran,I can sense it."

Kit:"Then why'd she run away?"

Len:"She probably sensed me and mistook me as one of Xaviax's Riders."

Kit and Len hear a battle call and see a minion dragging a man away in a reflection

*End scene...or...dream...Heh.*
So that's how it went.Too bad I woke up :-P

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


제니, 주노 / Jenny,Juno

Oh my goodness,this movie was sooooooooo cute!I am so glad I watched this!This was the first Korean movie I watched :)

So I found this movie on Youtube when I was looking at Juno clips (that movie was great).This movie had pretty much the same plot and I looked it up on Wikipedia. Apparently,Jenny,Juno was made before Juno.Just one thing,Juno is the male character in Jenny,Juno ; Juno is the female character in Juno (Why they name her Juno? o.0)
So the movie started out with Jenny and a pregnancy test.When she tells Juno, her boyfriend,he's shocked at first but he got over it quickly and became so caring for Jenny and the unborn baby.

Like when Jenny wants food,Juno immediately goes to get it for her.

Oh and there's also a little high school wedding for Jenny and Juno and it was soooooooooooooo cute!

Speaking of school,the sex ed scene was sooooooo funny! -- "Where does the bone come out?" LMAO You know what I mean! XD

When Jenny and Juno hang out,they share a kiss behind their cotton candy.It was funny but so adorable!

Unfortunately when they tell the parents,Jenny's parents try to send her away to America to have the baby and keep her away from Juno.

The scene before Jenny goes into labor was so funny with Juno and the taxi drivers chasing after Jenny and her parents' car."The pregnant woman got abducted!" -- TAXI DRIVERS UNITE!!!!Hahahaha!I couldn't stop laughing!And when they thought Jenny's mom was the pregnant abductee...Wow,you should've seen the taxi drivers confronting Jenny's dad!

The ending confused me though.Right after Jenny and Juno's classmates see the baby,it immediately skips to the library where Juno is studying like crazy and Jenny encouraging Juno to go to Harvard.Then changes to a daycare scene and suddenly an all-cast song?...I would've expected the movie to end in the hospital or maybe a year later...I believe that the conclusion was that Jenny and Juno are going to go to college and their parents would take care of the baby.

Other than that,that movie was just plain awesome because it's serious...and yet so funny!

All I have to say is...Why couldn't Juno be my boyfriend?!?!He's so PERFECT!!!

Please check out this movie whenever you can!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Kamen Riders : Defenders Of KamenConnection FAQ Time! :)

Wanna know a few fun facts about DOKC?Keep reading :)
When did all this start?
It all started June 13th 2009,it was a Saturday night.Me and DK09 were just chatting on KamenConnection and somehow we turned our chat into a live fan-fic which we later called Kamen Riders:Defenders Of KamenConnection.

Who made up the title?
DK09 did.Since DOKC was created on KamenConnection,it made a pretty cool title.

Who currently writes the fanfic?
Me,DK09 and DK410 wrote the first few chapters together.DK09 is now the head writer of DOKC.

When was DOKC published on KamenConnection?
Early July 2009 thanks to kc1000 the administrator.

Who creates the cool Promo Pics and videos?
Me and DK09.Thanks to them,we have fans of DOKC.

Who runs the DOKC Twitter?

I do but it's only updated with new chapters and important announcements.

Who runs the DOKC Blog?
DK09 does.

Anything new after DOKC?
There are 2 installments after DOKC but the statuses for both is currently unknown.
Got a question concerning DOKC?Leave a comment and I'll update this post :)

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


CHiCA Kosaka Presents...Kamen Rider Dragon Knight : The Movie

(To avoid confusion,this poster was made by me...because I'm coo-coo for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight!!!)
Of course,many fans believed a movie would be made after Kamen Rider Dragon Knight was done airing...well,thanks to CW4Kids,we'll most likely never have that wish come true...I still think KRDK deserves a movie.Ryuki did and it wasn't exactly Japan's cup of tea.I would be satisfied if Adness could make a movie.Maybe if they did,I think the toys sales could do better and maybe have more stuff.Also it could help bring more fans since a bunch of peoples didn't know a series this great was on TV.Because it was only once a week on a network which NOBODY watches!And lack of advertising!And constant time changes!We may not see another Kamen Rider series here for a awhile so a movie would definitely give Kamen Rider Dragon Knight the proper ending it deserves.So without further ado,here's what I believe should happen in theatrical version of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

I must say,this fanmade trailer actually has a good storyline.I love Abyss as the villain (even though he didn't appear in Ryuki but in Decade) and many US Kamen Rider fans wondered if Abyss would appear in the series.

Some potential scenes could be(not in chronological order):

Intro could be something like:Opening from sky-view of Gramercy Heights,fading scenes of the streets then suddenly a minion causes chaos outside a cafe and then Dragon Knight shows up *play theme song* and fights of the minion until Wing Knight and Siren show up to help. All 3 do Final Vent,big explosion,minion gone,slow mo walking away towards the screen,zoom in on Dragon Knight's deck *Together we can fight the fight so Let's Ride!* Kamen Rider Dragon Knight : The Movie

Adam returning as Onyx...Somebody needs to use the Onyx deck!

Price and Maya breaking up :) ; Kit and Maya as a new couple :D...That'll make me happy!!!!

Michelle dating a fellow No-Men agent...LMAO.

An abandoned Gramercy Heights due to this new war...Yeah,that'd be quite the scene.

Shall we have Maya return again as the temporary Siren?...Maybe...?You tell me.

Eubulon in a life or death situation...If Abyss caused this,AWESOME!

Wrath's Time Vent...PLEASE!!!Time Vent deserves its debut!

Len and Kase getting married :)...Aww,I would just love that!

Abyss nearly killing (Yes,killing,not Venting) a Rider...Not too kid friendly but please squeeze in something like that.

Chris returning...I would love to see him again even if it's just a cameo.

Accidental exposure of the Riders...Dunno,that'll just complicate the storyline.

Maybe a cameo by General Xaviax?...Well,he's gone,maybe a flashback?

Len and Kase have a baby after the war...Yay!Kamen Rider Baby!!! (Or as DK09 would say, "Len and Kase did the Ventaran nasty!" xD)

Battle in the No-Men base with a bunch of KA-BOOM!!s...Oh YEAH!

Earth twins of Len and Kase?...Hmm...that's a cool idea.

More Genocider screen time...YES!!! We need a Genocider Final Vent

Survive Forms and cycle for all Riders...OOOH!!!

More fight scenes for Kit...I guess that'd be quite the laugh.

Steve Wang and Michael Wang should make a cameo in the movie...YES!

Another bookstore battle in the new Grace's Bookstore?...Maybe.

Should Aunt Grace come back since she disappeared after episode 10 and hasn't been seen since?...Nah.

How about a minion's classic slip on a banana peel take?...No,scratch that!OR maybe?(I was a eating a banana when I thought that up XD)

What's better? -- All 13 Riders' Final Vent OR shall we bring back Link Vent to take down Abyss once and for all?...How about both? :)

A sparring scene with Eubulon and all 13 Riders to end the movie...YEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and leave some comments!And let's keep hoping that one day,we will get our Kamen Rider Dragon Knight :The Movie...


~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


KR:DOKC Update! :) / Domo Arigato :)

So if you follow me and DK09's fanfic Kamen Riders:Defenders Of KamenConnection,then you'll enjoy reading the resting of this post...sort-of XD

First,sadly,KR:DOKC is coming to an end but hey it's about time we Riders take down Xaviax and his comrades once and for all.


Secondly,KR:DOKC is having a spin-off fanfic called Kamen Riders:Defenders in Space!!!We Riders are going into space!!!w00t!

Here's the promo:

Here's the blog which will soon be updated with more info about the fanfic:

Kamen Riders:Defenders in Space!

And thirdly, I have written a prologue for KR:DOKC entitled Kamen Riders:Defenders Of KamenConnection -- The Prologue. I recently sent the story to DK09 who already revised it and will be posted on KamenConnection once I get the final revisions and send them over to Adam-san :)
I also want to thank Adam-san for allowing me and DK09 to have KR:DOKC published on KamenConnection. Thanks to him, we have many readers and followers :) Domo Arigato Adam-san!!! :)

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Kamen Rider Dragon Knight 1 Year Anniversary

Today has been officially 1 year since Kamen Rider Dragon Knight premiered.

Ahh,the memories.Believe it or not,I found out about the show 1 HOUR before it premiered.I remember immediately going on the computer after watching the 1st episode and doing some research and eventually I learned that the project had been going for about 2 years and apparently there was a sneak peek of KRDK on December 13th 2008 at 9:30am.And I was like "WTF?!?And I never knew about this?!?"

Now look what's happened to me...I'm a crazy coo-coo Kamen Rider Dragon Knight fan!!!And PROUD OF IT!!!w00t!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka