The Perfect Start To A Beautiful Day : HUNTING!!!!

Only 9+ Riders including me found the Super Minion
10 minutes later...
5 minutes later...
So many of them...
5 minutes later...

What a fun hunt...Dun Dun DUN!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Last Night / Graduation Day Parking

So yesterday was the last day of school.To celebrate me and some friends went to Dave and Busters.A couple hours later,some guy said we had to leave because we were "disturbing the customers." so one of my friends said "f**k that!" and we ended up getting kicked out.What the hell?It's a fricking arcade!Everyone was loud there!And we get kicked out?!?
So,today is Graduation Day.I hope I'll be able to go somewhere today because my small street has turned into a gigantic parking lot!I should walk on top of the cars!LOL

Also,my friend MAX!!! is graduating.I am soooooooooo sad!I'm gonna miss not seeing MAX!!! next year...Good luck in college MAX!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


KR:DOKC Chapter 6 / Regents Relief? / 3 Celebs Dead In 1 Week

So,last night,me and DK09 and Huy were working on Chapter 6 of our fanfic.Still in revising but I will not put up a preview.

The fanfic will soon be on KamenConnection!Stay tuned!
I may be okay for the summer.Daddy picked me up to eat lunch.At the stoplight,my Living Environment teacher was next to us and he honked the horn.I rolled down my window and he said...


Now I just hope that I passed my Algebra regents.I do well in that subject but I'm still concerned.
Ed McMahon...Farrah Fawcett...Michael Jackson...DEAD.

This week is not Hollywood's best one.These 3 have died in the same week.Wow,bit of a shock to me even though I don't really know them.Must be so shocking to the fans.

RIP You Guys

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Rider Shooter FOUND!! / Kamen Riders: Defenders Of KamenConnection Chapter 4 Preview / Super Minion Hunt

10+ peoples including me have found Dragon Knight's Rider Shooter!!!
Here's a preview of Chapter 4 of Kamen Riders : Defenders Of KamenConnection.I'll revise Chapter 5 either today or tomorrow.
Chapter 4

[Chris] I am Chris Ramirez, I remember you guys saving me from one of Xaviax's Monsters
[CHiCA] I remember saving you!
[Chris] I owed you guys my life. So I did that by saving you from that Trap Dimension
[DK09] Well thank you, thank you very much!
At Xaviax's lair....
Flash is in Xaviax's lair
[Flash] General, I have huge news to tell you! -- I have Vented that Rider Eubulon and retrieved his 3 robotic Advent Decks for you.
[Xaviax] Excellent Work! I can now re-create my Robotic Rider Army!
Xaviax goes to reach in his pocket...
[Xaviax] Where is it?
[Flash] Where is what, General?
[Xaviax] The Wrath Advent Deck! I must have dropped it! Strike and Torque must have it now!
[Flash] General Xaviax would you like me to go to Earth and get them?
[Xaviax] No
Now that Xaviax has the Robotic Decks, he needs to concentrate on re-creating the Dark Riders!
On planet Earth…
A group of construction workers are working on a building, a guy by the name of Vic slips off the roof and falls to the cement ground!
Strike and Torque (JTC and Drew) are in their human form.
JTC locates the right person for Wrath.
They walk up to the construction site and see everyone crowd around Vic
[Construction Worker] Someone call 911! Vic is hurt!
[Another Construction Worker] I'm on it!
10 minutes later, the ambulance arrives.
The EMT's arrive and put Vic on a stretcher
[JTC] Crap, that's the guy! The guy we need to become Kamen Rider Wrath!
Drew sees Gramercy Heights Hospital on the ambulance
[Drew] Don't worry! We'll follow the ambulance and hopefully we can talk some sense into this guy!
Vic is rushed into the ambulance. JTC and Drew follow on their motorcycles...
At Xaviax’s lair…
Xaviax walks into his lair and sees Dimensions throwing a party, dancing all around and jumping on his seat!
Flash walks into the lair
[Flash] Yes, General?
[Xaviax] Who are these hooligans?!?
[Flash] Oh them, they are my Dimensions!
[Xaviax] Well, control them!
Xaviax monitors show traces of the Riders
[Xaviax] Here, send the Dimensions after the Riders!
Chapter 5 will be up soon.
2 minutes later...
Too easy...HAHA!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Finally,Exams are OVER!!! / Nere And Family Vacation

Oh my god!Exams are over!!!However,I think I did badly on my Living Environment regents.Hopefully I passed because I don't want to go to summer school.

That's gonna interfere with me trying to find a summer job.UGH!!!
So Nere and the husband and the little ones are going away for about 2 weeks.They're going to to visit some relatives.

No little ones for 2 weeks...I'll survive but I'm FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait,Ma's not going...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Dragon Knight Saved / Last Day Of Regents / Ride Shooter STOLEN!!!!

17+ Riders including me have saved Dragon Knight
Only 1 more regents and then the horror is over.Tomorrow is Algebra.

My Living Environment regents was WAAAAAY TOO HARD!!!I hope I passed...Please let me pass!
5 minutes later...
That was damn easy!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Day Before Regents / Kamen Riders : Defenders Of KamenConnection

Oh my god.Tomorrow is the regents.I'm soooooooo nervous. Please tell me the studying was worth it.
So,me and DK09's KamenFanFiction is now called Kamen Riders : Defenders Of KamenConnection.So we split up the first installment into 2 chapters because it was reeeeeealllllly loooooooong!

Me,DK09 and our newest character Huy who is Kamen Rider DragonFist were working on Chapter 3 yesterday.It's kinda incomplete because Ma made me log off yesterday.Now the end is know as to be continued...

I'm gonna share a bit more of the story.
Chapter 2

Night time in Ventara
Eubulon created a campfire on the beach
Strike is standing over the fire
DK09 pulls out his Survive Card just in case...
[Eubulon] So, what are you doing here?
[Strike] I came to join you, Xaviax hates me now, and I need protection from him.
[DK09] And we are supposed to believe you? Just like that?
[DK09] Did Xaviax run out of ideas? We're not dumb!
CHiCA covers her ears to discontinue hearing Strike's words
Strike begins to plead and beg that the Good Riders let him join them
CHiCA has finally had enough and threatens Strike with her Survive Card
She begins putting the card in her LioVisor.
[Strike] You'll regret this, Riders! I'll defeat you on my own! You and Xaviax!
CHiCA is breathing angrily as Strike takes his leave
Torque is watching Strike take off and follows Strike
Xaviax is back in his lab, creating something...
Strike is walking alone in Ventara
Torque confronts him.
[Torque] I heard and saw your predicament
[Strike] I remember you, you are the lone rider. The one wants to Vent everyone!
Torque laughs
[Torque] Plans have changed…I’ve seen the good Riders have received their Survive Cards and they will be harder to fight…So join me and help me vent every rider that exists!
Strike and Torque shake on it.
Back in Xaviax’s lair, Xaviax has found more robotic parts and plans to create the most fearsome Rider that has ever existed in both worlds
Back at the beach around the campfire…
Everyone is eating the fish Eubulon caught...except CHiCA who was sitting far away from them
Eubulon walks over to CHiCA and offers her some fish
[CHiCA] I'm not hungry
CHiCA declines the fish
[Eubalon] Look, being a rider is very tricky and very hard. In this world, everyone is an enemy.
[CHiCA] I know that...I just wish...never mind.
[Eubulon] You wish Blade2010 was a good guy?
[CHiCA] I trusted him...
DK09 joins in the conversation
[DK09] We all did. When he Healed me and you. And protected kc1000.And when he destroyed the monsters that were going to Vent me.
[CHiCA] Didn't you guys trust him?
[DK09] It was all part of the plan. To deceive us.
[CHiCA] before we knew all about him?
[DK09] I trusted him. But things change. Gotta go with the flow.
CHiCA stands up
[CHiCA] I'm gonna take a walk...Just don't follow…
[DK09] But Xaviax needs someone in his army! He'll capture you! You cant just walk away!
CHiCA throws her Advent Deck in the sand
[CHiCA] Please. Just let me be.
Chapter 3

[CHiCA] Xaviax!
[Xaviax] Riders! Meet my newest creation! Kamen Rider Flash!
[DK09] Oh, yeah and your idea with Blade2010 went so well!
Xaviax laughs evilly
[Xaviax] He was useless. He is now happily living in the Advent Void!
Xaviax blasts DK09 but Rider kc1000 arrives
Kc1000 uses Sword Vent
Kc1000 reflects the blast causing a huge fireball to erupt behind him!
[Xaviax] Come, Kamen Rider Flash, we have other things to do!
Xaviax and Flash disappear
[Eubulon] We're back together again…
kc1000 powers down
[Kc1000] You guys alright?
[DK09] Yeah, we're fine
[CHiCA] Yeah, how have you been Eubulon?
[Eubulon] I’ve been well…
[CHiCA] Sorry guys. I have to go back to work.
CHiCA goes through the portal back to Earth
Eubulon powers down
[Eubulon] I see that Xaviax has been more advanced...
Strike and Torque are watching from behind a dumpster
[Torque] Looks like you've been replaced!
[Strike] Oh, shut up! I have a plan…
The next day....
DK09 and kc1000 goes to the cafe again looking for CHiCA
[Lou] She has been fired
[DK09] What?!?
[Kc1000] You're kidding
[DK09] Why?
[Lou] She's been useless here lately, what is going on?
[DK09] Uhhhh, well you see... CHiCA is...
DK09 gets a call on his Rider phone
[DK09] Oh wow, I gotta take this. Adam can tell you... bye!
DK09 leaves rather quickly
[Lou] So the reason CHiCA keeps disappearing is because…?
[Adam] Um...she's been...kinda busy...with stuff.
[Lou] Well that "stuff" has cost her her job. Now leave!
[Adam] All right, yeesh!
CHiCA enters the cafe
[CHiCA] Hey, Adam! Lou.
[Lou] I fired you, Kosaka! Now leave!
[CHiCA] Fine, we will!
Adam and CHiCA leave and meet DK09 outside.
[CHiCA] You guys were expecting to find me here, were you?
[DK09] Yeah, we overheard about your firing at the café
[CHiCA] Actually, I'm glad I got fired. Lou’s such a jerk!
[DK09] Yeah, he sure was!
They hear a portal opening.
[CHiCA] The alley! There’s a mirror there!
[DK09] C'mon, let's go!
They run into the alley and hold out their Advent Decks
[DK09] Kamen Rider!
[Adam] Kamen Rider!
[CHiCA] Kamen Rider!
They transform and go into the mirror
They take their Advent Cycles through the dimension
They encounter Flash again
[CHiCA] Not you again!
[DK09] This guy wants a serious Venting!
[kc1000] No doubt!
[CHiCA] Well he's gonna get it. Let’s do it!
CHiCA uses Sword vent
CHiCA slashes Flash but Flash grabs and throws her Sword aside and knocks her to the ground
Flash pulls out his Trap Vent and captures CHiCA
CHiCA disappears.
[DK09] What happened to her?!?
*Interested in this story?Stay tuned...

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


The Weekend / From KamenChat to KamenFanFiction

The weekend was boring as hell!I went to TAP on Saturday but the place was already invaded by little kids and I saw Dave there and took a video of him playing DDR.
Nick and Sarah dressed up as pirates for the birthday so...haha.I left early because it was raining...A LOT!Sunday was also boring BUT I bought Kamen Rider Camo!!w00t!
Saturday night,I went into KamenChat and talked with DK09.Somehow our chat has turned into a live fan fiction...kinda.Here's a bit of the fan fiction because the whole thing took up 17 pages!

Before you read it,I just wanna let you know that I finally met Blade2010,the Rider who saved me when I was ambushed by Kamen Rider Strike...but I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing after my recent trip to Ventara with DK09.
[Blade2010]What happened?
[DK09] You've been controlled by Xaviax. Me and Kamen Rider CHiCA came here to save you!
DK09 hears CHiCA's heavy breathing
[DK09] Please! You need to help her! She is unconscious. I need you to use your healing powers to help her.
[Blade2010] You two saved my life! Of course I will help her
Blade2010 walks over to CHiCA and uses his Heal Vent
[Blade2010]CHiCA is now cured and so is her shoulder!
CHiCA's eyes flutter open and sees DK09 and Blade2010
[DK09] Are you alright?
[CHiCA] I'm fine
[CHiCA] Blade2010?Is that you?
[Blade2010]Yes, I remember saving you from before
CHiCA stands up, walks over to Blade2010 and hugs him
[CHiCA] Thank you...Blade2010
[DK09] C'mon we need to leave! Strike, Knife and Xaviax could be anywhere!
Xaviax enters the lab
[CHiCA] Xaviax!Oh dear...
[Xaviax] Are you going somewhere? Kamen Riders?
Xaviax fires at Blade2010, CHiCA and DK09
[Blade2010] Stay down! This is my fight!
[CHiCA] Be careful!
While on the ground, Xaviax summons more minions
Blade2010 uses his Blade Vent and fights the Minions
Xaviax comes from behind and attacks CHiCA and DK09
Kamen Rider kc1000 enters and helps CHiCA and DK09 fight Xaviax
[CHiCA] Good timing,kc1000
[DK09] Let's do this Riders! Ready CHiCA?
[CHiCA] Let's do it!
DK09, CHiCA, kc1000 battle Xaviax. Blade2010 battles the Minions
DK09 combines Sword Vent and Strike Vent to create Lance Vent
CHiCA uses Clear vent
Xaviax strikes DK09, DK09 gets back up and slashes Xaviax in the chest
Xaviax suddenly is lifted off the ground by an invisible CHiCA
[CHiCA] "I believe I can fly!" :-P
[CHiCA] Finish him off!
[DK09] Hahaha.
DK09 summons his Attack Vent but Blade2010 jumps in
[Blade2010] I told you! This is MY fight! I will destroy Xaviax!
[CHiCA] But we wanna help!
[Blade2010]: You and DK09, and Kc1000 can help by staying outta my way!
Strike enters
[Strike] Don't worry, they will be too busy fighting my newest creation!
CHiCA hears a strange noise
[CHiCA] Uh,guys? This may be bad
Me and DK09 plan on making the next part of this soon.Can't wait.He wants to start it already!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Last Night's KamenChat / Moderator Promotion / Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Found / Noria's 瞳のこたえ Addiction / Happy 22nd Birthday Diesel!!!

So last night's KamenChat went well...kinda in my opinion.I disappeared many times during that because I had to watch the little ones.Ma had to go pick up something at Wal-Mart and I was trying to get Joel away from the windows because he was crying so much.At least she brought me my McCafe,which I really needed for this chat.When I finally got back around 10pm,Huy (DK410) and DK09 had already left and I got a little upset so I chatted a bit with Adam (kc1000) and then Huy and DK09 came back and I was so happy!!!We had a fun little chat until like 12:30pm (because I fell alseep again!)When I woke up,I read that they were leaving for the night and I said bye and we all logged off.
While I was gone from KamenChat,Adam had promoted me to moderator for the KamenChat rooms so now I can kick anybody out of there.But there's no bad peoples there...yet...
I managed to find Dragon Knight yesturday.However,I had to use my final vents to take out Xaviax's monsters.The last one had jumped me and injured my left shoulder but I still managed to defeat him!
I've been listening to Noria's new song 瞳のこたえ (Hitomi No Kotae) during the KamenChat.It sounds so beautiful!I'm getting to addicted to this song!I can't wait for the full song and PV to come out next month!

Listen to it!
I want to wish a Happy Happy Birthday to my buddie Diesel!

♥ Happy 22nd Birthday,Diesel!

See you soon!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA kosaka


First Day Of Exams / Another Hunt Commences / Tonight's KamenChat

So today we took our first of many exams at school this morning.They were pretty damn easy!So I guess the morning was kind of a fly-by.Also,after finishing our Spanish exams,me and my friend Taylor were playing this box game.I didn't know how to play so I screwed up many times...She ended up with double the amount of boxes I had.
11+ Riders including me have found Xaviax's monsters and saved the other Riders.

Time to hunt...again...

I don't plan on going out tonight.Why? We Riders confirmed tonight for another KamenChat...and the fact that it is raining outside!LOL!I have a feeling this one is gonna be a blast!But I need a McCafe first! :-P

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


A Walk In Ventara / The Dreaded Day

Today,after school,I was so stressed out from all the hard work that I decided to take a walk in Ventara.I barricaded my bedroom door and went into Ventara through my closet's mirror.Sometimes,just standing right on Ventara's grounds gives me the chills.I continued to walk around for about half an hour until a minion had jumped out of the bushes behind me.I ran and hid behind a tree until the minion went away and I heard a really deep evil chuckle...Somehow,I think Xaviax was able to sense my presence in Ventara.I knew Ventara was no longer safe to be in so I had to go back to Earth.I went back to a window where I had come from but before I could go through,the minion had found me again!I used my Strike Vent to weaken him but before he could attack me,I used my Final Vent and eliminated him.Then,after going through the window back to Earth...

I heard Xaviax's distant voice say "This isn't over,wait for YOUR final vent."

I think I'm afraid to go back to Ventara as of now.Xaviax may be willing to send more minions to kidnap me again.
Well,tomorrow is coming...Less than 12 hours...Two words...


~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Boredness and Sleepyness :-P / Locker Clean Out

Basically this post is about school...EW!
Ugh...only 2 more days until the exams start.I am going crazy right now!

I got bored during my Spanish class even though we were eating bagels and just chilling.I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom but I really went to Ventara to take a little walk.It was boring there but what do you expect?Xaviax kidnapped everyone there!I had to come back to Earth so Xaviax wouldn't find me and I can't let my teacher be suspicious.Plus sometimes being in Ventara sends chills up my spine...I also went to Ventara during my lunch period only this time I didn't stay as long as I did because I saw a minion wandering around and I cannot let him find me!

I fell asleep in my Living Enviornment class (again) today.My teacher was reviewing stuff for our regents and his loud voice woke me up.He asked me something about chloroplasts and I said "Uh...make energy?" and he's like "You shouldn't me sleeping!" Hey, it is my fault that LE makes me bore to sleep?

P.S.:Chloroplasts is where photosynthesis takes place!
Today we cleaned out our lockers.My back hurts...a lot!I totally forgot that we were doing that today!Yesturday,I was at Wal-Mart and if I had remembered,I would've bought a tote bag!Good thing I convinced some of my teachers to leave my binders in the classrooms so I didn't have to drag all that crap home!

What's confusing me is that we still have 2 school days left until exams and they were making us clean them out today.Tomorrow or Thursday would have been fine but today?!?

What the fu--BOOOOOOM!!!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Today / The Weekend / More KamenChat / Missing Stylus FOUND!

Well,it's Monday...I'm still trapped in school...what do you expect?!?
This weekend was good.I spent Friday night doing a stupid English paper so I didn't go out.Then again,it was raining...a lot!I enjoyed my Saturday.Well,the afternoon and evening.I spent all that morning finishing up my paper.The only good parts of the morning was Kamen Rider Dragon Knight airing earlier and talking to DK09 shortly after in KamenChat.So after finishing my paper,I got ready to leave and took the bus to TAP and saw Diesel there and later Dave came.I played a little bit of DDR and some Puzzle Bobble and Diesel and I played this game called QuizTun or something like that.That was a pretty good game although Diesel kept nailing the questions.Hey,I'm Senora Estupida! :-P After that,Diesel had to leave so I was alone for about an hour until Daddy came by and we ate at a McDonalds and I had my 2ND McCafe.Next time,I wanna try a hot chocolate.Sunday,me and ma skipped church (thank god!Why?Read KamenChat section),Daddy called and said he had to do something for work and possibly couldn't come over.So me and ma went to Dave & Busters to eat since I had a coupon.I also got to Gold
Status on my card so now I have a gold card.It is soooooo amazing!Ater that,it was food and necessity shopping.So after we got home,ma made me go downstairs to study for my regents but I really finished up a review packet for Global History.Does that stiill count? :-P The bad part about this weekend is that I DIDN'T BUY ANY KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT TOYS!!!
On Saturday morning,me and DK09 were talking about the possibility of Xaviax and/or the newest KRDK character Eubulon (who hasn't debuted yet) becoming toys.Bandai updated their website this weekend confirming Kamen Rider Strike and Kamen Rider Sting toys!w00t!Although...Doesn't he look a little too...pink?
Compared to this:
Sting is more like a magenta color...PINK?!?What the hell?!?

But at least Kamen Rider Strike looks cool!

When I got home on Saturday night,I went on KamenChat with Adam (kc1000),DK09 and Huy (DK410).That chat went on forever!Until 2:30 in the morning!Holy crap!The best part was,because I had a McCafe with my dinner,I was able to stay up the entire chat!I remember not sending any messages for about 5 minutes and DK09 assumed I fell asleep again...that was funny!Satuday night's/Sunday morning's chat was so awesome that I told Adam (kc1000) to save that chat so we could read it again and laugh.Remind me to drink a McCafe before heading to this weekend's KamenChat.
Remember I told you the last time I was on KamenChat and I fell asleep and lost my DSi stylus?It's been found safely in the pillows although I wondering how it got in there...

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Last Night's KamenConnection KamenChat / The Lastest Hunt Complete / Today's KamenChat

So a few of us Riders at KamenConnection decided to chat together later on in the evening.I had A LOT of homework so I tried to complete as much as I could because I told them I would be dropping by after 7pm!I didn't finish so I had to save my work and I'm gonna try to complete it this morning.The chat was okay since it was the "first" time we've used it.I went into the chat room but no one was there.Shortly after,DK09 joined in with me and we chatted for about an hour until Huy (DK410) came in.It was really starting to become a chat and then Adam (kc1000) came in.Man,it was really fun!...until ma made me get off the computer.So I went to bed and took out my DSi and went back into the chat room.DK09,Huy and Adam were sad that I had left but got happy again when I've returned!Unfortunately,I had fallen asleep an hour later and my DSi was left to die.I lost the stylus in my bed so I have to find it!But nothing much happened after that.DK09 and Huy left shortly afterwards.LOL!To DK09,you were right about me falling asleep again.
19+ Riders including me have found DK09.His energy is fully restored and is ready to hunt...

This is the latest hunt on KamenConnection.This was an easier hunt for me.I found the monsters and Riders within minutes!I hope the other Riders can find them.Be careful,you guys...
DK09 said he'd be in the chat room at KamenConnection after Kamen Rider Dragon Knight aired.We went in the chat.We were the only 2 peoples in there so we chatted.From 10:30am to 2:30pm.Wowie,that was a long time!But I was typing up a paper at the same time so time passed by quickly.It was nice talking with him.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


The Hunt Is Over...For Now.../Mysterious Rider


I finally found DK09!Took 3 days to find him...3 DAYS!!!!

Luckily, I found him before Xaviax could drain the rest of his Rider powers.He's okay right now but I'm exhausted!
DK09 tried to find out more about the mysterious rider (also found DK09) that saved me when I was attacked by Strike.He found this:

The last guy was the mysterious Rider according to him.His name is KamenRiderBlade2010.That's all he knows.

I just wanna thank the guy for helping us when we were in danger.If he didn't come,Xaviax would have drained all of our Rider powers and vent us!That would have been so horrific!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


The Hunt Continues...

This hunt is really tough!

I've spent a lot of my time trying to find DK09.I even had to ask my teachers multiple times to go to the bathroom so I could go to Ventara and continue searching. I cannot explain to them about my constant "bathroom trips."

Yesterday,I continued to search for him until someone attacked me and I went unconscious.I woke up in my room...but I wasn't there when I got attacked.DK09 was able to contact me and told me that Kamen Rider Strike was my attacker and that a mysterious Rider saved me and brought me home before Xaviax could get to me and drain my Rider power.He also told me the mysterious Rider healed me with his powers before going back into Ventara to save him.Moments after,I passed out.

I'm still trying to find him though...I'm really worried about him and the other Riders...I hope they are okay...

To the mysterious rider that saved me...Thank you!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


The Weekend/KRDK Toy Purchases/CHiCA's First McCafe/Another Hunt

This weekend was pretty good.Had to work on Friday but at least most of my homework was done there so I finished it by that night.Saturday was okay.Just went to TAP to play DDR and Nick wasn't there so it was kinda boring.Sunday,went to church,ate Chinese food and Daddy and I went to Toys R Us and some other places.At Toys R Us,we found a box of mangos close by in the parking lot.Who leaves fruit in as parking lot?!?
Daddy took me to the Toys R Us near the South Shore Mall.I bought the Dragon Knight figure and the Dragon Cycle this weekend.Today I bought the Blank Knight figure.
Today,I had my first McCafe.I've been dying to try one!I bought a latte with caramel syrup...AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!I wanna go back and get another one!
Only 7+ Riders,including me,has found ViewifulRiders.That hunt was really tough,though!

NO!Not him!Why did he have to be taken?!?!Xaviax and Strike,you're going down!!!Even if I get kidnapped again,I will save DK09!!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka