CHiCA Kosaka Presents...Kamen Rider Dragon Knight : The Movie

(To avoid confusion,this poster was made by me...because I'm coo-coo for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight!!!)
Of course,many fans believed a movie would be made after Kamen Rider Dragon Knight was done airing...well,thanks to CW4Kids,we'll most likely never have that wish come true...I still think KRDK deserves a movie.Ryuki did and it wasn't exactly Japan's cup of tea.I would be satisfied if Adness could make a movie.Maybe if they did,I think the toys sales could do better and maybe have more stuff.Also it could help bring more fans since a bunch of peoples didn't know a series this great was on TV.Because it was only once a week on a network which NOBODY watches!And lack of advertising!And constant time changes!We may not see another Kamen Rider series here for a awhile so a movie would definitely give Kamen Rider Dragon Knight the proper ending it deserves.So without further ado,here's what I believe should happen in theatrical version of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

I must say,this fanmade trailer actually has a good storyline.I love Abyss as the villain (even though he didn't appear in Ryuki but in Decade) and many US Kamen Rider fans wondered if Abyss would appear in the series.

Some potential scenes could be(not in chronological order):

Intro could be something like:Opening from sky-view of Gramercy Heights,fading scenes of the streets then suddenly a minion causes chaos outside a cafe and then Dragon Knight shows up *play theme song* and fights of the minion until Wing Knight and Siren show up to help. All 3 do Final Vent,big explosion,minion gone,slow mo walking away towards the screen,zoom in on Dragon Knight's deck *Together we can fight the fight so Let's Ride!* Kamen Rider Dragon Knight : The Movie

Adam returning as Onyx...Somebody needs to use the Onyx deck!

Price and Maya breaking up :) ; Kit and Maya as a new couple :D...That'll make me happy!!!!

Michelle dating a fellow No-Men agent...LMAO.

An abandoned Gramercy Heights due to this new war...Yeah,that'd be quite the scene.

Shall we have Maya return again as the temporary Siren?...Maybe...?You tell me.

Eubulon in a life or death situation...If Abyss caused this,AWESOME!

Wrath's Time Vent...PLEASE!!!Time Vent deserves its debut!

Len and Kase getting married :)...Aww,I would just love that!

Abyss nearly killing (Yes,killing,not Venting) a Rider...Not too kid friendly but please squeeze in something like that.

Chris returning...I would love to see him again even if it's just a cameo.

Accidental exposure of the Riders...Dunno,that'll just complicate the storyline.

Maybe a cameo by General Xaviax?...Well,he's gone,maybe a flashback?

Len and Kase have a baby after the war...Yay!Kamen Rider Baby!!! (Or as DK09 would say, "Len and Kase did the Ventaran nasty!" xD)

Battle in the No-Men base with a bunch of KA-BOOM!!s...Oh YEAH!

Earth twins of Len and Kase?...Hmm...that's a cool idea.

More Genocider screen time...YES!!! We need a Genocider Final Vent

Survive Forms and cycle for all Riders...OOOH!!!

More fight scenes for Kit...I guess that'd be quite the laugh.

Steve Wang and Michael Wang should make a cameo in the movie...YES!

Another bookstore battle in the new Grace's Bookstore?...Maybe.

Should Aunt Grace come back since she disappeared after episode 10 and hasn't been seen since?...Nah.

How about a minion's classic slip on a banana peel take?...No,scratch that!OR maybe?(I was a eating a banana when I thought that up XD)

What's better? -- All 13 Riders' Final Vent OR shall we bring back Link Vent to take down Abyss once and for all?...How about both? :)

A sparring scene with Eubulon and all 13 Riders to end the movie...YEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and leave some comments!And let's keep hoping that one day,we will get our Kamen Rider Dragon Knight :The Movie...


~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


KR:DOKC Update! :) / Domo Arigato :)

So if you follow me and DK09's fanfic Kamen Riders:Defenders Of KamenConnection,then you'll enjoy reading the resting of this post...sort-of XD

First,sadly,KR:DOKC is coming to an end but hey it's about time we Riders take down Xaviax and his comrades once and for all.


Secondly,KR:DOKC is having a spin-off fanfic called Kamen Riders:Defenders in Space!!!We Riders are going into space!!!w00t!

Here's the promo:

Here's the blog which will soon be updated with more info about the fanfic:

Kamen Riders:Defenders in Space!

And thirdly, I have written a prologue for KR:DOKC entitled Kamen Riders:Defenders Of KamenConnection -- The Prologue. I recently sent the story to DK09 who already revised it and will be posted on KamenConnection once I get the final revisions and send them over to Adam-san :)
I also want to thank Adam-san for allowing me and DK09 to have KR:DOKC published on KamenConnection. Thanks to him, we have many readers and followers :) Domo Arigato Adam-san!!! :)

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


Kamen Rider Dragon Knight 1 Year Anniversary

Today has been officially 1 year since Kamen Rider Dragon Knight premiered.

Ahh,the memories.Believe it or not,I found out about the show 1 HOUR before it premiered.I remember immediately going on the computer after watching the 1st episode and doing some research and eventually I learned that the project had been going for about 2 years and apparently there was a sneak peek of KRDK on December 13th 2008 at 9:30am.And I was like "WTF?!?And I never knew about this?!?"

Now look what's happened to me...I'm a crazy coo-coo Kamen Rider Dragon Knight fan!!!And PROUD OF IT!!!w00t!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka