The Return Of The Little Ones!MWAH-HA-HA! / Kamen Riders:Defenders of KamenConnection Update

So,technically,this morning (as in 12:30am),Nere,the husband and the little ones have come home from vacation!I had gone to sleep early last night because I wasn't feeling well and I couldn't participate in last night's KamenChat.But I woke up because I heard the door open.Went upstairs,found everyone looking at the photos taken.Joel has gotten a haircut and baby Eric looks much more adorable than before.He's growing more teeth right now and his smile is 10000x cuter!

Now that they're back home,the chaos will begin again...Toys everywhere,Joel wanting pancakes for dinner,Eric biting me...YAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Adam and Huy managed to come back the other night and Chapter 7 was able to be written.So the release is still on schedule.The whole thing will be up on KamenConnection possibly the weekend.
This is also my first post using my DSi.Haha!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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