Birthday Weekend :) (I Hope)

So this Sunday is my birthday!w00t!

This weekend,I'm going to Times Square with Nere.I want to go to Toys R Us and Dave&Busters.Also me and Nere want to go to this cheesecake place my cousin went to when she was visiting us a couple years ago.


This weekend is my only chance to get me some more Kamen Rider Dragon Knight toys,especially Strike,Sting and Venosnaker!Plus Bandai America sent me a coupon for $1 off a Kamen Rider toy! :)
The (I Hope) part is because of the expected Danny passing by here.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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  1. Hello? Don't forget our fan-fiction returns on that day...! LOL, seems like Sunday is gunna be a good day for you.


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