Kathy Christopherson Interview Chat : SUCCESS!!

Another successful chat!w00t!Last night was great!

We did have an annoying guest kamenride who kept asking questions that weren't allowed to be answered.I'm guessing he's a little kid who is never patient when it comes to Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Overall,the chat was great and Kathy was such a wonderful person to chat with!

Here's some of our chat last night:

**Kathy's user name is kcakamw**
[kcakamw] very unfortunately, william and i did not get to do much at all, other than eat lunch. he is amazing, and i like him as a person quite a bit. cool guy. great xaviax.
[DK09] @DarkEatos, lol, 1 question at a time
[DK410] back
[kamenride] she seems kind of bad
[DarkEatos] sorry im just really hyper lol
[DK09] Does Michelle have any action scenes coming up? o.O :d
[DK09] * :D
[kcakamw] i did work with mark, which was a blast b/c we actually studied shakespeare together, if you can believe that. we had a lot of fun on the set.
[Ride] :)
[kamenride] they said no spoilers
[kcakamw] i can't say enough about matt. he's just an all-around great guy. very sweet. very gentemanly. very charming.
[CHiCA] That's so cool!Mark is an awesome guy! :)
[oujagirl] lol.
[DK09] lol
[Ride] lol
[kamenride] which rider has the best cards
[DK410] What was it like working around Stephen Lunsford? I'm pretty sure you guys had a blast when filming that interview scene
[AllieRX87] lol
[kcakamw] not sure who i think is the most evil of the riders. a few of them have a bit of evil, don't they. mke moh has been a naughty boy.
[DK09] lol, bad tiger!
[kamenride] did you enjoy bullying maya
[DK410] ahaha lol Mike
[CHiCA] What was your favorite scene to film when you're Michelle Walsh,reporter for WayAboveTopSecret.com? :D
[kc1000] lol
[Ride] lol :D
[kamenride] lol
[kcakamw] stephen is a sweetheart. very young, funky, full of little surprises. we did have fun in that interview scene. he was a wise guy, i loved it! he has a unique sense of humor.
[DK410] :D
[oujagirl] That was awesome when he used the water trick.
[CHiCA] Ah,Stephen is so funny!Must have been so awesome working with him! :D
[DK410] how many outtakes of the interview scene did you guys have to do? I'm sure that was one of the scenes with the most bloopers
[DK410] XD
[AllieRX87] If Kamen Rider Dragon Knight gets a second season, do you think you'll come back for the show?
[kcakamw] loved bullying maya the most. she was easy and fun to bully. and i loved the first scene when i told her to sweeten my coffee - it was an adlibbed tagline at the end, and one of my first scenes, so some of the crew was scared of me after that. ;)
[kamenride] impressive it was awesome
[CHiCA] I agree with Huy :)
[CHiCA] *Huy-ness
[kcakamw] i loved to throw adlibbed lines out to maya to make her uncomfortable, i.e. nice tie, etc. i hate to admit it, but it was just plain evil fun.
[DK09] nice
[CHiCA] lol
[kamenride] do you think kamen rider could have a second season
[DK410] haha lol scared of you because you bullied Maya? lol XD
[oujagirl] mwa ha ha.
[kcakamw] no, actually, not a lot of bloopers on the interview scene. pretty straight forward.
[kc1000] nice
[DK410] awww darn it! lol
[CHiCA] Huy-ness's hopes and dreams,shattered :D
[DK410] lol
[kcakamw] not sure what the future has in store for kamen rider. if they go another season, will it be part of the same storyline? will michelle make it through? will she quit? does she survive? what's to happen by the end of this season?
Just wanna say thanks to Kathy once again for taking the time off to chat with us last night! :)

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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