Thanks A Lot CW4Kids! T_T / KRDK Bad News!!!! :(


Thanks a lot CW4Kids!And this is why nobody fucking likes you!You assholes!
So unfortunately today I've found out the schedule airings of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight episodes 36-38.Now you're wondering "What about 39 and 40?".Well CW4Kids are total assholes and they are pulling the show right after episode 38 "For Ventara and Earth Part 1". AND no re-runs are happening. What the fuck?!?Pulling the show on a two-parter?!?!? Fucking retards.

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Unfortunately if you don't believe me...


I bet CW4Kids are lying about the "low ratings"...The show was doing just fine!

I wish the rumors weren't true...Dumbass CW4Kids ruined everything for us KRDK fans and we gotta put a fucking stop to this!

*4Kids has a YouTube and we should leave a comment asking them- No, BEGGING THEM to please air the final 2 episodes FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING PETE!!!!!!!
*Let's write angry letters!
4Kids Entertainment Legal Department
53 West 23rd Street, 11th Floor
New York, New York 10010
*Let's hope that they have special airings of the final 2 episodes like they did with episode 21.
*Hope that Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon will pick up the show.
*Give up?Let us jump off a cliff!And blame CW4Kids!

I am so severely fucking pissed,CW4Kids killed our hopes and dreams for another Kamen Rider adaptation and/or a Kamen Rider Dragon Knight movie.They don't even deserve to have their fucking ugly logo on the KRDK toys!

I could go on forever...and ever...and ever...

~Love&kisses,an angry CHiCA Kosaka


  1. SSSSOOOOOOO right,I wrote a letter,commented on youtube,and signed the petition.

  2. W.......T.......F.......

    I mean, why? It's only 2 episodes! It's not like it's like 10 episodes! Why can't they air it?! The rest of the shows that air on the CW4Kids are pretty much reruns! I now hate CW4Kids even more now.

  3. I'm with mega purple the first hour on cw4kids $uck$.That's enough time to put both shows I'm gonna spam their YouTube lol.


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