KR:DOKC Update! :) / Domo Arigato :)

So if you follow me and DK09's fanfic Kamen Riders:Defenders Of KamenConnection,then you'll enjoy reading the resting of this post...sort-of XD

First,sadly,KR:DOKC is coming to an end but hey it's about time we Riders take down Xaviax and his comrades once and for all.


Secondly,KR:DOKC is having a spin-off fanfic called Kamen Riders:Defenders in Space!!!We Riders are going into space!!!w00t!

Here's the promo:

Here's the blog which will soon be updated with more info about the fanfic:

Kamen Riders:Defenders in Space!

And thirdly, I have written a prologue for KR:DOKC entitled Kamen Riders:Defenders Of KamenConnection -- The Prologue. I recently sent the story to DK09 who already revised it and will be posted on KamenConnection once I get the final revisions and send them over to Adam-san :)
I also want to thank Adam-san for allowing me and DK09 to have KR:DOKC published on KamenConnection. Thanks to him, we have many readers and followers :) Domo Arigato Adam-san!!! :)

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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