Today,The Weekend,INTERNET!w00t!


Today was okay.No homework and I played my DSi during Algebra class!w00t!Plus my friend got a haircut and it looked so weird!!!(Sorry!)
The weekend was okay.Saturday was nice and it rained yesterday.I took the bus to TAP.Some kid's birthday party was going on over there.I went to the bathroom and I could hear them screaming their lungs out singing "Happy Birthday" What the hell,you're gonna lose your voices,kids!Heh!Place was kinda boring the first few hours but after that,me and my friend Nick started playing some DDR.Some peoples came by for DDR around night time.What's kinda weird is that I'm actually starting to get better.I've gotten a lot of AAs that night.Think about it...My leg gets injured in a car accident,I spend about a month recovering and going to physical therapy and I stopped playing for approximately 4 months.The result?

Check them out!

w00t!I finally have internet access on MY computer!Mwah-ha-ha! :-)

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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