Last Day of Vacation/Night At The Museum:Battle Of The Smithsonian

Well,it's the last day of Memorial Day vacation.For me,anyways.Lots of schools here are back in session today.I don't wanna go back tomorrow!My homework is gonna come back and attack me!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Last night,me and Nere went to the movies to see Night At The Museum:Battle Of The Smithsonian.It was a pretty good movie although I prefer the 1st movie.I give it a 4/5.I loved the triple slapping scene with Larry,Dexter and Able.Oops...I spoiled a movie scene!

I overloaded on popcorn,candy and soda during the movie and I had to go really bad.By the time I saw the credits rolling,I jumped over my seat and immediately ran to the bathroom!Nere was waiting for me outside the theater.She told me a small clip was playing during the credits.Crap,would it have been better to stay in the theater for another minute?Haha!

Watching this movie brought back memories from my DC trip last year like the Air and Space Museum and the Lincoln Memorial!

Ahh!Good times,good times...

Well,it's time to prepare for my battle...to ace the regents!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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