The Weekend/Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Toys Early Release?!?!

It's Sunday...

I managed to finish all my homework yesterday so now I'm free today!w00t!I didn't finish until 2:30am so I didn't get dragged to church!Yay!Friday took me like the entire night to finish most of my English paper so yah,it was boring.I managed to finish it on Saturday morning.I was going to do the rest that morning but Kamen Rider Dragon Knight came on and I didn't want to miss it!(Even if it was a re-run!LOL!)After that,I went on the computer and went to kamenconnection.com . I checked the guestbook for any new news because the Kamen Rider Productions forum is currently unavailable.There,I read some comment about the KRDK toys already being seen in stores.I was freaking out because I read online that the toys weren't coming out until next month!After reading the comments,I informed the Riders (that's what we like to call each other!LOL!) that I would be checking out some stores to see if they had the KRDK toys in stock.So,after getting ready,I walked to my local Wal-Mart but they didn't have any in stock!I took the bus to check out another Wal-Mart but they didn't have them either.That made me very sad!So I went to TAP to play some DDR and Ultracade where I was reunited with my buddie Diesel♥ whom I haven't seen in a long time.Unfortunately,we didn't have any time to catch up because my aunt had invited me,ma,and Nere to go to Mamma Lombardi's.So I had to take my leave...Mamma Lombardi's was...fancy!We were seated next to a group of peoples celebrating someone's birthday.Birthday lady saw baby Eric and she was like "You're so adorable!I just wanna kiss you!" and that's what she did.It was kinda funny!The food there was actually pretty good.I had baked ziti,ma had baked lasagna,Nere had some kind of linguini and my aunt had spaghetti.Ma and Nere didn't finish their meal so they had to take it out.My baked ziti was delicious other than the fact that half the plate was cheese and tomato chunks!So yeah,we got home by 10pm and I stayed up doing my homework.

I can't believe Hiromi Nishiuchi modeled that!It looks more like a suicide bomb than a marriage hunting bra!LOL!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!THIS IS THE MOST RICICULOUS IDEA EVER!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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