Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Alteration ~Twas A Dream~

So a week ago I had a dream about Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.It was an alteration of episodes 22 and 23.
So here's how it went:

It's a recap of episode 22.Pretty much the same happens EXCEPT when Siren attacks Dragon Knight,he's down on the ground injured.Wing Knight arrives and sees Siren escaping through a window then it's Kit holding onto his shoulder and switch back to Wing Knight saying "It can't be..." *fade out*

Begin episode 23(Gonna write in film script-like format):

Len and Kit are walking together.Kit is still holding onto his injured shoulder.

Len:"I saw you with that new Rider...it might be her."

Kit turns his head.


Len smiles and looks up.


Kit makes a confused face but understands what he meant then smiles and chuckles.

Kit:"But how do you know it's...her?"

Len:"Original Ventaran,I can sense it."

Kit:"Then why'd she run away?"

Len:"She probably sensed me and mistook me as one of Xaviax's Riders."

Kit and Len hear a battle call and see a minion dragging a man away in a reflection

*End scene...or...dream...Heh.*
So that's how it went.Too bad I woke up :-P

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka


  1. I'm a huge fan of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Alteration! I remember I used to play with mi brother as if we were the main characters of the TV series. those were such a great time


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