Kamen Rider Dragon Knight on Cartoon Network? o.O

Well,according to these articles,Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is currently "on hiatus" for the Cartoon Network block...I,unfortunately,cannot really believe this rumor because there was never any REAL confirmation that KRDK would be airing on Cartoon Network.

Although,I've read a few articles that CN actually picked up the show but I never found out if they were going to air the show.Later,I found out it was currently CW4Kids the only network with the airing rights.And a few months ago, I saw a interview with Stephen Lunsford at the College Road Trip premiere and he even said that Kamen Rider Dragon Knight would be airing on Cartoon Network.

I may have missed something since I found out about KRDK 1 HOUR before it premiered and believe me,I spent HOURS on the internet doing my research and trying to remember every fact about it.

Now,if this rumor is true,this could definitely save the show in the US.I think Cartoon Network is the perfect network to air Kamen Rider Dragon Knight becuase CN has like a million more viewers than CW4Kids.

And the fact that many fans doubt another network like Nickelodeon will pick it up.Some peoples even suggested ABCKids but hell no,they only air Disney content!

I really hope this rumor is true,Cartoon Network is like us fans' last hope of saving the show and to keep the name Kamen Rider here.They could really help the show and help the toys sell better and maybe,just maybe,we could even get our KRDK movie and maybe even more.Let's just continue hoping for the best.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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