Kamen Riders : Defenders Of KamenConnection FAQ Time! :)

Wanna know a few fun facts about DOKC?Keep reading :)
When did all this start?
It all started June 13th 2009,it was a Saturday night.Me and DK09 were just chatting on KamenConnection and somehow we turned our chat into a live fan-fic which we later called Kamen Riders:Defenders Of KamenConnection.

Who made up the title?
DK09 did.Since DOKC was created on KamenConnection,it made a pretty cool title.

Who currently writes the fanfic?
Me,DK09 and DK410 wrote the first few chapters together.DK09 is now the head writer of DOKC.

When was DOKC published on KamenConnection?
Early July 2009 thanks to kc1000 the administrator.

Who creates the cool Promo Pics and videos?
Me and DK09.Thanks to them,we have fans of DOKC.

Who runs the DOKC Twitter?

I do but it's only updated with new chapters and important announcements.

Who runs the DOKC Blog?
DK09 does.

Anything new after DOKC?
There are 2 installments after DOKC but the statuses for both is currently unknown.
Got a question concerning DOKC?Leave a comment and I'll update this post :)

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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