Boredness and Sleepyness :-P / Locker Clean Out

Basically this post is about school...EW!
Ugh...only 2 more days until the exams start.I am going crazy right now!

I got bored during my Spanish class even though we were eating bagels and just chilling.I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom but I really went to Ventara to take a little walk.It was boring there but what do you expect?Xaviax kidnapped everyone there!I had to come back to Earth so Xaviax wouldn't find me and I can't let my teacher be suspicious.Plus sometimes being in Ventara sends chills up my spine...I also went to Ventara during my lunch period only this time I didn't stay as long as I did because I saw a minion wandering around and I cannot let him find me!

I fell asleep in my Living Enviornment class (again) today.My teacher was reviewing stuff for our regents and his loud voice woke me up.He asked me something about chloroplasts and I said "Uh...make energy?" and he's like "You shouldn't me sleeping!" Hey, it is my fault that LE makes me bore to sleep?

P.S.:Chloroplasts is where photosynthesis takes place!
Today we cleaned out our lockers.My back hurts...a lot!I totally forgot that we were doing that today!Yesturday,I was at Wal-Mart and if I had remembered,I would've bought a tote bag!Good thing I convinced some of my teachers to leave my binders in the classrooms so I didn't have to drag all that crap home!

What's confusing me is that we still have 2 school days left until exams and they were making us clean them out today.Tomorrow or Thursday would have been fine but today?!?

What the fu--BOOOOOOM!!!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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