The Weekend/KRDK Toy Purchases/CHiCA's First McCafe/Another Hunt

This weekend was pretty good.Had to work on Friday but at least most of my homework was done there so I finished it by that night.Saturday was okay.Just went to TAP to play DDR and Nick wasn't there so it was kinda boring.Sunday,went to church,ate Chinese food and Daddy and I went to Toys R Us and some other places.At Toys R Us,we found a box of mangos close by in the parking lot.Who leaves fruit in as parking lot?!?
Daddy took me to the Toys R Us near the South Shore Mall.I bought the Dragon Knight figure and the Dragon Cycle this weekend.Today I bought the Blank Knight figure.
Today,I had my first McCafe.I've been dying to try one!I bought a latte with caramel syrup...AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!I wanna go back and get another one!
Only 7+ Riders,including me,has found ViewifulRiders.That hunt was really tough,though!

NO!Not him!Why did he have to be taken?!?!Xaviax and Strike,you're going down!!!Even if I get kidnapped again,I will save DK09!!!!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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