Today / The Weekend / More KamenChat / Missing Stylus FOUND!

Well,it's Monday...I'm still trapped in school...what do you expect?!?
This weekend was good.I spent Friday night doing a stupid English paper so I didn't go out.Then again,it was raining...a lot!I enjoyed my Saturday.Well,the afternoon and evening.I spent all that morning finishing up my paper.The only good parts of the morning was Kamen Rider Dragon Knight airing earlier and talking to DK09 shortly after in KamenChat.So after finishing my paper,I got ready to leave and took the bus to TAP and saw Diesel there and later Dave came.I played a little bit of DDR and some Puzzle Bobble and Diesel and I played this game called QuizTun or something like that.That was a pretty good game although Diesel kept nailing the questions.Hey,I'm Senora Estupida! :-P After that,Diesel had to leave so I was alone for about an hour until Daddy came by and we ate at a McDonalds and I had my 2ND McCafe.Next time,I wanna try a hot chocolate.Sunday,me and ma skipped church (thank god!Why?Read KamenChat section),Daddy called and said he had to do something for work and possibly couldn't come over.So me and ma went to Dave & Busters to eat since I had a coupon.I also got to Gold
Status on my card so now I have a gold card.It is soooooo amazing!Ater that,it was food and necessity shopping.So after we got home,ma made me go downstairs to study for my regents but I really finished up a review packet for Global History.Does that stiill count? :-P The bad part about this weekend is that I DIDN'T BUY ANY KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT TOYS!!!
On Saturday morning,me and DK09 were talking about the possibility of Xaviax and/or the newest KRDK character Eubulon (who hasn't debuted yet) becoming toys.Bandai updated their website this weekend confirming Kamen Rider Strike and Kamen Rider Sting toys!w00t!Although...Doesn't he look a little too...pink?
Compared to this:
Sting is more like a magenta color...PINK?!?What the hell?!?

But at least Kamen Rider Strike looks cool!

When I got home on Saturday night,I went on KamenChat with Adam (kc1000),DK09 and Huy (DK410).That chat went on forever!Until 2:30 in the morning!Holy crap!The best part was,because I had a McCafe with my dinner,I was able to stay up the entire chat!I remember not sending any messages for about 5 minutes and DK09 assumed I fell asleep again...that was funny!Satuday night's/Sunday morning's chat was so awesome that I told Adam (kc1000) to save that chat so we could read it again and laugh.Remind me to drink a McCafe before heading to this weekend's KamenChat.
Remember I told you the last time I was on KamenChat and I fell asleep and lost my DSi stylus?It's been found safely in the pillows although I wondering how it got in there...

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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