The Weekend / From KamenChat to KamenFanFiction

The weekend was boring as hell!I went to TAP on Saturday but the place was already invaded by little kids and I saw Dave there and took a video of him playing DDR.
Nick and Sarah dressed up as pirates for the birthday so...haha.I left early because it was raining...A LOT!Sunday was also boring BUT I bought Kamen Rider Camo!!w00t!
Saturday night,I went into KamenChat and talked with DK09.Somehow our chat has turned into a live fan fiction...kinda.Here's a bit of the fan fiction because the whole thing took up 17 pages!

Before you read it,I just wanna let you know that I finally met Blade2010,the Rider who saved me when I was ambushed by Kamen Rider Strike...but I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing after my recent trip to Ventara with DK09.
[Blade2010]What happened?
[DK09] You've been controlled by Xaviax. Me and Kamen Rider CHiCA came here to save you!
DK09 hears CHiCA's heavy breathing
[DK09] Please! You need to help her! She is unconscious. I need you to use your healing powers to help her.
[Blade2010] You two saved my life! Of course I will help her
Blade2010 walks over to CHiCA and uses his Heal Vent
[Blade2010]CHiCA is now cured and so is her shoulder!
CHiCA's eyes flutter open and sees DK09 and Blade2010
[DK09] Are you alright?
[CHiCA] I'm fine
[CHiCA] Blade2010?Is that you?
[Blade2010]Yes, I remember saving you from before
CHiCA stands up, walks over to Blade2010 and hugs him
[CHiCA] Thank you...Blade2010
[DK09] C'mon we need to leave! Strike, Knife and Xaviax could be anywhere!
Xaviax enters the lab
[CHiCA] Xaviax!Oh dear...
[Xaviax] Are you going somewhere? Kamen Riders?
Xaviax fires at Blade2010, CHiCA and DK09
[Blade2010] Stay down! This is my fight!
[CHiCA] Be careful!
While on the ground, Xaviax summons more minions
Blade2010 uses his Blade Vent and fights the Minions
Xaviax comes from behind and attacks CHiCA and DK09
Kamen Rider kc1000 enters and helps CHiCA and DK09 fight Xaviax
[CHiCA] Good timing,kc1000
[DK09] Let's do this Riders! Ready CHiCA?
[CHiCA] Let's do it!
DK09, CHiCA, kc1000 battle Xaviax. Blade2010 battles the Minions
DK09 combines Sword Vent and Strike Vent to create Lance Vent
CHiCA uses Clear vent
Xaviax strikes DK09, DK09 gets back up and slashes Xaviax in the chest
Xaviax suddenly is lifted off the ground by an invisible CHiCA
[CHiCA] "I believe I can fly!" :-P
[CHiCA] Finish him off!
[DK09] Hahaha.
DK09 summons his Attack Vent but Blade2010 jumps in
[Blade2010] I told you! This is MY fight! I will destroy Xaviax!
[CHiCA] But we wanna help!
[Blade2010]: You and DK09, and Kc1000 can help by staying outta my way!
Strike enters
[Strike] Don't worry, they will be too busy fighting my newest creation!
CHiCA hears a strange noise
[CHiCA] Uh,guys? This may be bad
Me and DK09 plan on making the next part of this soon.Can't wait.He wants to start it already!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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  1. Nice fan fic you have here CHiCA. I just happen to stumble across this after going on KamenConnection. So we have 2 fan fiction stories going on right now...lol. Let me know if you want any input from me.


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