Rider Shooter FOUND!! / Kamen Riders: Defenders Of KamenConnection Chapter 4 Preview / Super Minion Hunt

10+ peoples including me have found Dragon Knight's Rider Shooter!!!
Here's a preview of Chapter 4 of Kamen Riders : Defenders Of KamenConnection.I'll revise Chapter 5 either today or tomorrow.
Chapter 4

[Chris] I am Chris Ramirez, I remember you guys saving me from one of Xaviax's Monsters
[CHiCA] I remember saving you!
[Chris] I owed you guys my life. So I did that by saving you from that Trap Dimension
[DK09] Well thank you, thank you very much!
At Xaviax's lair....
Flash is in Xaviax's lair
[Flash] General, I have huge news to tell you! -- I have Vented that Rider Eubulon and retrieved his 3 robotic Advent Decks for you.
[Xaviax] Excellent Work! I can now re-create my Robotic Rider Army!
Xaviax goes to reach in his pocket...
[Xaviax] Where is it?
[Flash] Where is what, General?
[Xaviax] The Wrath Advent Deck! I must have dropped it! Strike and Torque must have it now!
[Flash] General Xaviax would you like me to go to Earth and get them?
[Xaviax] No
Now that Xaviax has the Robotic Decks, he needs to concentrate on re-creating the Dark Riders!
On planet Earth…
A group of construction workers are working on a building, a guy by the name of Vic slips off the roof and falls to the cement ground!
Strike and Torque (JTC and Drew) are in their human form.
JTC locates the right person for Wrath.
They walk up to the construction site and see everyone crowd around Vic
[Construction Worker] Someone call 911! Vic is hurt!
[Another Construction Worker] I'm on it!
10 minutes later, the ambulance arrives.
The EMT's arrive and put Vic on a stretcher
[JTC] Crap, that's the guy! The guy we need to become Kamen Rider Wrath!
Drew sees Gramercy Heights Hospital on the ambulance
[Drew] Don't worry! We'll follow the ambulance and hopefully we can talk some sense into this guy!
Vic is rushed into the ambulance. JTC and Drew follow on their motorcycles...
At Xaviax’s lair…
Xaviax walks into his lair and sees Dimensions throwing a party, dancing all around and jumping on his seat!
Flash walks into the lair
[Flash] Yes, General?
[Xaviax] Who are these hooligans?!?
[Flash] Oh them, they are my Dimensions!
[Xaviax] Well, control them!
Xaviax monitors show traces of the Riders
[Xaviax] Here, send the Dimensions after the Riders!
Chapter 5 will be up soon.
2 minutes later...
Too easy...HAHA!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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