Last Night's KamenChat / Moderator Promotion / Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Found / Noria's 瞳のこたえ Addiction / Happy 22nd Birthday Diesel!!!

So last night's KamenChat went well...kinda in my opinion.I disappeared many times during that because I had to watch the little ones.Ma had to go pick up something at Wal-Mart and I was trying to get Joel away from the windows because he was crying so much.At least she brought me my McCafe,which I really needed for this chat.When I finally got back around 10pm,Huy (DK410) and DK09 had already left and I got a little upset so I chatted a bit with Adam (kc1000) and then Huy and DK09 came back and I was so happy!!!We had a fun little chat until like 12:30pm (because I fell alseep again!)When I woke up,I read that they were leaving for the night and I said bye and we all logged off.
While I was gone from KamenChat,Adam had promoted me to moderator for the KamenChat rooms so now I can kick anybody out of there.But there's no bad peoples there...yet...
I managed to find Dragon Knight yesturday.However,I had to use my final vents to take out Xaviax's monsters.The last one had jumped me and injured my left shoulder but I still managed to defeat him!
I've been listening to Noria's new song 瞳のこたえ (Hitomi No Kotae) during the KamenChat.It sounds so beautiful!I'm getting to addicted to this song!I can't wait for the full song and PV to come out next month!

Listen to it!
I want to wish a Happy Happy Birthday to my buddie Diesel!

♥ Happy 22nd Birthday,Diesel!

See you soon!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA kosaka

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