First Day Of Exams / Another Hunt Commences / Tonight's KamenChat

So today we took our first of many exams at school this morning.They were pretty damn easy!So I guess the morning was kind of a fly-by.Also,after finishing our Spanish exams,me and my friend Taylor were playing this box game.I didn't know how to play so I screwed up many times...She ended up with double the amount of boxes I had.
11+ Riders including me have found Xaviax's monsters and saved the other Riders.

Time to hunt...again...

I don't plan on going out tonight.Why? We Riders confirmed tonight for another KamenChat...and the fact that it is raining outside!LOL!I have a feeling this one is gonna be a blast!But I need a McCafe first! :-P

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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