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So a few of us Riders at KamenConnection decided to chat together later on in the evening.I had A LOT of homework so I tried to complete as much as I could because I told them I would be dropping by after 7pm!I didn't finish so I had to save my work and I'm gonna try to complete it this morning.The chat was okay since it was the "first" time we've used it.I went into the chat room but no one was there.Shortly after,DK09 joined in with me and we chatted for about an hour until Huy (DK410) came in.It was really starting to become a chat and then Adam (kc1000) came in.Man,it was really fun!...until ma made me get off the computer.So I went to bed and took out my DSi and went back into the chat room.DK09,Huy and Adam were sad that I had left but got happy again when I've returned!Unfortunately,I had fallen asleep an hour later and my DSi was left to die.I lost the stylus in my bed so I have to find it!But nothing much happened after that.DK09 and Huy left shortly afterwards.LOL!To DK09,you were right about me falling asleep again.
19+ Riders including me have found DK09.His energy is fully restored and is ready to hunt...

This is the latest hunt on KamenConnection.This was an easier hunt for me.I found the monsters and Riders within minutes!I hope the other Riders can find them.Be careful,you guys...
DK09 said he'd be in the chat room at KamenConnection after Kamen Rider Dragon Knight aired.We went in the chat.We were the only 2 peoples in there so we chatted.From 10:30am to 2:30pm.Wowie,that was a long time!But I was typing up a paper at the same time so time passed by quickly.It was nice talking with him.

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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