The Hunt Is Over...For Now.../Mysterious Rider


I finally found DK09!Took 3 days to find him...3 DAYS!!!!

Luckily, I found him before Xaviax could drain the rest of his Rider powers.He's okay right now but I'm exhausted!
DK09 tried to find out more about the mysterious rider (also found DK09) that saved me when I was attacked by Strike.He found this:

The last guy was the mysterious Rider according to him.His name is KamenRiderBlade2010.That's all he knows.

I just wanna thank the guy for helping us when we were in danger.If he didn't come,Xaviax would have drained all of our Rider powers and vent us!That would have been so horrific!

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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