Day Before Regents / Kamen Riders : Defenders Of KamenConnection

Oh my god.Tomorrow is the regents.I'm soooooooo nervous. Please tell me the studying was worth it.
So,me and DK09's KamenFanFiction is now called Kamen Riders : Defenders Of KamenConnection.So we split up the first installment into 2 chapters because it was reeeeeealllllly loooooooong!

Me,DK09 and our newest character Huy who is Kamen Rider DragonFist were working on Chapter 3 yesterday.It's kinda incomplete because Ma made me log off yesterday.Now the end is know as to be continued...

I'm gonna share a bit more of the story.
Chapter 2

Night time in Ventara
Eubulon created a campfire on the beach
Strike is standing over the fire
DK09 pulls out his Survive Card just in case...
[Eubulon] So, what are you doing here?
[Strike] I came to join you, Xaviax hates me now, and I need protection from him.
[DK09] And we are supposed to believe you? Just like that?
[DK09] Did Xaviax run out of ideas? We're not dumb!
CHiCA covers her ears to discontinue hearing Strike's words
Strike begins to plead and beg that the Good Riders let him join them
CHiCA has finally had enough and threatens Strike with her Survive Card
She begins putting the card in her LioVisor.
[Strike] You'll regret this, Riders! I'll defeat you on my own! You and Xaviax!
CHiCA is breathing angrily as Strike takes his leave
Torque is watching Strike take off and follows Strike
Xaviax is back in his lab, creating something...
Strike is walking alone in Ventara
Torque confronts him.
[Torque] I heard and saw your predicament
[Strike] I remember you, you are the lone rider. The one wants to Vent everyone!
Torque laughs
[Torque] Plans have changed…I’ve seen the good Riders have received their Survive Cards and they will be harder to fight…So join me and help me vent every rider that exists!
Strike and Torque shake on it.
Back in Xaviax’s lair, Xaviax has found more robotic parts and plans to create the most fearsome Rider that has ever existed in both worlds
Back at the beach around the campfire…
Everyone is eating the fish Eubulon caught...except CHiCA who was sitting far away from them
Eubulon walks over to CHiCA and offers her some fish
[CHiCA] I'm not hungry
CHiCA declines the fish
[Eubalon] Look, being a rider is very tricky and very hard. In this world, everyone is an enemy.
[CHiCA] I know that...I just wish...never mind.
[Eubulon] You wish Blade2010 was a good guy?
[CHiCA] I trusted him...
DK09 joins in the conversation
[DK09] We all did. When he Healed me and you. And protected kc1000.And when he destroyed the monsters that were going to Vent me.
[CHiCA] Didn't you guys trust him?
[DK09] It was all part of the plan. To deceive us.
[CHiCA] before we knew all about him?
[DK09] I trusted him. But things change. Gotta go with the flow.
CHiCA stands up
[CHiCA] I'm gonna take a walk...Just don't follow…
[DK09] But Xaviax needs someone in his army! He'll capture you! You cant just walk away!
CHiCA throws her Advent Deck in the sand
[CHiCA] Please. Just let me be.
Chapter 3

[CHiCA] Xaviax!
[Xaviax] Riders! Meet my newest creation! Kamen Rider Flash!
[DK09] Oh, yeah and your idea with Blade2010 went so well!
Xaviax laughs evilly
[Xaviax] He was useless. He is now happily living in the Advent Void!
Xaviax blasts DK09 but Rider kc1000 arrives
Kc1000 uses Sword Vent
Kc1000 reflects the blast causing a huge fireball to erupt behind him!
[Xaviax] Come, Kamen Rider Flash, we have other things to do!
Xaviax and Flash disappear
[Eubulon] We're back together again…
kc1000 powers down
[Kc1000] You guys alright?
[DK09] Yeah, we're fine
[CHiCA] Yeah, how have you been Eubulon?
[Eubulon] I’ve been well…
[CHiCA] Sorry guys. I have to go back to work.
CHiCA goes through the portal back to Earth
Eubulon powers down
[Eubulon] I see that Xaviax has been more advanced...
Strike and Torque are watching from behind a dumpster
[Torque] Looks like you've been replaced!
[Strike] Oh, shut up! I have a plan…
The next day....
DK09 and kc1000 goes to the cafe again looking for CHiCA
[Lou] She has been fired
[DK09] What?!?
[Kc1000] You're kidding
[DK09] Why?
[Lou] She's been useless here lately, what is going on?
[DK09] Uhhhh, well you see... CHiCA is...
DK09 gets a call on his Rider phone
[DK09] Oh wow, I gotta take this. Adam can tell you... bye!
DK09 leaves rather quickly
[Lou] So the reason CHiCA keeps disappearing is because…?
[Adam] Um...she's been...kinda busy...with stuff.
[Lou] Well that "stuff" has cost her her job. Now leave!
[Adam] All right, yeesh!
CHiCA enters the cafe
[CHiCA] Hey, Adam! Lou.
[Lou] I fired you, Kosaka! Now leave!
[CHiCA] Fine, we will!
Adam and CHiCA leave and meet DK09 outside.
[CHiCA] You guys were expecting to find me here, were you?
[DK09] Yeah, we overheard about your firing at the café
[CHiCA] Actually, I'm glad I got fired. Lou’s such a jerk!
[DK09] Yeah, he sure was!
They hear a portal opening.
[CHiCA] The alley! There’s a mirror there!
[DK09] C'mon, let's go!
They run into the alley and hold out their Advent Decks
[DK09] Kamen Rider!
[Adam] Kamen Rider!
[CHiCA] Kamen Rider!
They transform and go into the mirror
They take their Advent Cycles through the dimension
They encounter Flash again
[CHiCA] Not you again!
[DK09] This guy wants a serious Venting!
[kc1000] No doubt!
[CHiCA] Well he's gonna get it. Let’s do it!
CHiCA uses Sword vent
CHiCA slashes Flash but Flash grabs and throws her Sword aside and knocks her to the ground
Flash pulls out his Trap Vent and captures CHiCA
CHiCA disappears.
[DK09] What happened to her?!?
*Interested in this story?Stay tuned...

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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