KR:DOKC Chapter 6 / Regents Relief? / 3 Celebs Dead In 1 Week

So,last night,me and DK09 and Huy were working on Chapter 6 of our fanfic.Still in revising but I will not put up a preview.

The fanfic will soon be on KamenConnection!Stay tuned!
I may be okay for the summer.Daddy picked me up to eat lunch.At the stoplight,my Living Environment teacher was next to us and he honked the horn.I rolled down my window and he said...


Now I just hope that I passed my Algebra regents.I do well in that subject but I'm still concerned.
Ed McMahon...Farrah Fawcett...Michael Jackson...DEAD.

This week is not Hollywood's best one.These 3 have died in the same week.Wow,bit of a shock to me even though I don't really know them.Must be so shocking to the fans.

RIP You Guys

~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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