A Walk In Ventara / The Dreaded Day

Today,after school,I was so stressed out from all the hard work that I decided to take a walk in Ventara.I barricaded my bedroom door and went into Ventara through my closet's mirror.Sometimes,just standing right on Ventara's grounds gives me the chills.I continued to walk around for about half an hour until a minion had jumped out of the bushes behind me.I ran and hid behind a tree until the minion went away and I heard a really deep evil chuckle...Somehow,I think Xaviax was able to sense my presence in Ventara.I knew Ventara was no longer safe to be in so I had to go back to Earth.I went back to a window where I had come from but before I could go through,the minion had found me again!I used my Strike Vent to weaken him but before he could attack me,I used my Final Vent and eliminated him.Then,after going through the window back to Earth...

I heard Xaviax's distant voice say "This isn't over,wait for YOUR final vent."

I think I'm afraid to go back to Ventara as of now.Xaviax may be willing to send more minions to kidnap me again.
Well,tomorrow is coming...Less than 12 hours...Two words...


~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

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